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Golf: Tiger The Trend Setter

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

"When I watch the young guys on the range today, they're pretty much unrecognizable from my generation," says Brian Henninger, who earned his Tour card in 1992. "They're tall. They're ripped. Most of them look like they should be playing power forward or tight end."

That’s from Josh Sens’ “The Modern Body: How a fitness revolution on Tour has spawned evolution,” and provides interesting details on Dustin Johnson’s body building regimen.

It all began with Tiger?
Josh writes, “As with most transitions, change came on a continuum. But most agree that Tiger Woods marked the crucial turning point,” nevertheless before Tiger there was Frank Stranahan, the Toledo Strongman and then along came Gary Player with his push ups but it was Tiger who gave momentum to the body building movement and some suggest his ex-caddie Steve Williams played no small part by encouraging and accompanying his boss on training stints. But did Tiger take his training too far?

More recently Steve said, “How far do you go as far as training for golf? Obviously you have to be flexible and the stronger you are, the better you are at hitting the ball out of the rough, but you’ve got to balance that and it’s a fine line.” And is something DJ, Rory et al would do well to remember.

DJ scaling the heights

It kind of makes me feel dizzy just reading about Dustin Johnson’s body building programme.
Josh writes, “In regular training sessions near his Jupiter Island, Fla., home, Johnson puts himself through exhaustive regimens designed to help his body bend like Gumby around a stable frame of oak-tree strength. He reels off dead lifts, lunges, squats and clean-and-presses. He slams medicine balls side to side as if he's Rocky training for Drago. He does weighted torso twists. On a steeply inclined torture rack called the VersaClimber, he maxes out his arms, back, quads, core and heart rate while mimicking Spiderman scaling a skyscraper. In a full-bore 30 seconds, he "climbs" the equivalent of 18 stories. After a quick breather, he does it again.

Link to Josh Sens

Quote of the Day
“Woods was simply doing what many athletes did...just not many golfers, the lot of whom, now desperate to keep up, have made a mad dash for the gym.” – Josh Sens


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