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Golf Tip: The Toe Cuts – The Heel Digs

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

Tiger Woods best short game tips is covered by Madeline MacClurg

Madeline writes, “The running chip is a shot every golfer should have. When there's plenty of green to work with, it's the best percentage play to get the ball close. Gain confidence on these little shots by setting up with the shaft more upright, your wrists arched upward, so it feels like the toe of the clubhead is down.
Woods used this fix back in 2007, and said at the time: “It makes hitting it solid contact easier, especially on dicey lies. It also helped me improve my bump-and-run.” Keeping the toe down will allow you to swing on a straighter path and get the ball rolling more quickly. With your chips rolling out more consistently, you can start reading these shots like you would a putt to get the ball close.”

Madeline’s comments reminded me of my favourite Paul Azinger video clip where he says something similar in regards to thoughts about the toe.

Link to Madeline MacClurg


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