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GOLF TIPS : Getting A Handle on Hovering

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

"By hovering the clubhead you'll begin to feel the weight of the head. This will help you to start back at a nice, controlled pace. It worked for greats like Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman and Nick Faldo, and it will work for you, too." That’s from David Leadbetter at Golf Digest who suggests, "Hover To Beat Tension - The best way to ensure a smooth start"

I've known for years that Jack Nicklaus never rested his putter head on the ground behind the ball because he thought it might cause the ball to move and particularly on windy days. And since Jack was one of the best crunch putters of all time I thought I'd try hovering my putter and perhaps produce a "smooth start" to my awful putting stroke.
It did work but the jury is still out as to whether or not it's just another quick fix.

Then I tried it with driver in hand. And this demanded a thorough investigation into the question, "To hover or not to hover?".

David Leadbetter's comment that hovering also worked for Nick Faldo and Greg Norman was reassuring and suggested I should stick with the plan before passing on to another quick fix.

On his web site Greg writes, "Why Jack And I Hover The Club - Early in my golf life I adopted Jack Nicklaus's technique of addressing the ball with the clubhead held just above the turf rather than resting on it. I like the idea for two big reasons.
First, it keeps my grip pressure constant. As you stand over a shot, you have a natural tendency to regrip, and each time your hands shift on the club - even a fraction - it has a major effect on the outcome of the shot. Second, it promotes a very smooth one-piece takeaway with the clubhead flowing straight from the ball. This is particularly true with the driver; there will be no tendency to snap the clubhead up quickly and vertically as there can be when the club is soled."

Here's a link to where to hover or not to hover is discussed and shown on Meandmygolf

Quote of the Day
"I must admit that not many players - pro or amateur - hover the club at address, probably because this is not an easy method to master. But if you can learn it, you'll give yourself some big advantages over the vast majority of golfers." - Greg Norman


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