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Golf Tips: The Law Of The Draw

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

"The Law Of The Draw…New research reveals how to hit this shot (you'll be shocked!)"

Sean Foley's revelation at Golf Digest isn't just another one of those try this and see how it works for you tips.

Regular readers will be aware of the fact that ever since I started this blog several years ago I've been an enthusiast for what TrackMan technology is telling us. Years ago it was necessary that I should give some background to the TrackMan company but now the company and its technology has generated critical mass awareness helped by the fact that many of the (wealthier; it ain't cheap) touring pros are taking their TrackMan unit to the practice ground prior to teeing off.
What Sean and TrackMan is telling us kind of complies with previously prescribed ideas e.g. a closed stance but now we have the hard scientific facts.

Sean writes, "Here's the first revelation: The starting direction of your shots is overwhelmingly determined by the position of the clubface at impact--not by the swing path. Path plays a part, yes, as do other factors, such as the amount of spin on the ball and the quality of your lie. Just remember that the clubface is the biggest factor."
"Here's the second revelation: What makes the shot curve toward the target is the path the club takes through the ball. The path has to go more to the right than the face is pointing. How much more depends on the club you're using. For simplicity's sake, if you're swinging a 6-iron, think of it as a 2-to-1 relationship. That means if the face is pointing 2 degrees right of your target at impact, the path has to be on a 4-degree angle right of the target line (above). If the ratio were 1-to-1, the ball wouldn't curve. If it were 4-to-1, the ball would draw too much."

Counterintuitive is defined as "Different from what you would expect : not agreeing with what seems right or natural ..." and it doesn't sound right to me that that I should aim a tad right of the target and then a tad more as I hit through the ball. But who am I to dispute the data provided by Sean and TrackMan?

Here's the link to Sean Foley

Quote of the Day
"You can talk to a fade but a hook won't listen." - From Lee Trevino in the days before TrackMan taught us how to avoid hooks and how to hit delightful draws.


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