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Golf Tips: The Malaska Method

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

“So many of us are under the impression that swinging "over the top" is the worst thing that you can do. Also we get caught up in trying to shallow the swing by dropping the club behind us or trying to turn the left arm clockwise while in transition ( Hogan,)” That’s from Jonnybagadonuts over at the golfwrx forum.

So who’s Mike Malaska?
Jack Nicklaus describes Mike Malaska as a teacher great at putting you “at ease with what can be a stressful process.  He takes the ‘technical’ out of ‘technique.’”
Having very recently come upon Mike’s extensive library of YouTube videos the first thing that struck me is the simplicity in what he’s teaching and secondly the overwhelming gratitude of those who’ve tried his teaching principles.

It’s also my experience
Jonnybagadonuts writes and I must agree, “We are looking at the transition of the great players and misinterpreting what is going on. What actually is happening is that they are swinging " OVER THE TOP " of the initial plane. Which in turn is squaring the club face. I like to call it swinging over the top from the inside. There is no conscious twisting or chain pulling or side arm throwing. Its simply getting to a backswing position where the club is in sync with the body and on a neutral plane to slightly underneath. From there its simply rotating what feels like over the top.”

Absolute gold
MANversusGRAVITY commenting on Mike’s YouTube video writes, “"Over the top from the inside..."  Absolute gold.  Every golf instructor on the planet should be required to watch Mike's videos, especially on this topic, before giving another lesson.  There are literally millions of golfers with their hands way out of position due to "traditional instruction".

Should you view the video you’ll see there’s one shot that says it all about where we could be going wrong in our imaginary swing positioning. Mike calls it, “The worst picture in the history of golf...”

Link to Jonnybagadonuts

Link to Mike Malaska YouTube clip



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