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Golf: TrackMan Tells It Like It Really Is

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

“It has been an enlightening experience using TrackMan in almost every lesson for a year now.  There are so many widespread ‘philosophies’ (see: fallacies) that we, as golfers, have heard so many times we simply accept them to be truth. TrackMan says – hold on a minute!”

Andrew Rice has written and I’ve occasionally commented on his experience with TrackMan and in case you’ve never heard of it. “TrackMan is a golf radar that measures: spinrate, clubspeed, smash factor, carry, launch angle, club delivery and much more.” - From the TrackMan web site.

Thanks to a Brian Manzella forum I’ve at long last discovered the name of the inventor and his background. A prerequisite for proving it’s not another golf gizmo of limited value like the one mentioned in my previous post.

“Fredrik Tuxen profile...Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and Co-founder of ISG/TrackMan™
Professional background
Graduated with a Master Degree in radar and digital signal processing at the Technical University of Denmark in 1990. Fredrik has been working with radar and microwave technology in his entire career ranging from 2.5 ton radars for tracking missiles, projectiles and space shuttles to satellite communication for aircrafts. He is the inventor of several patents/patent applications for sports ball tracking algorithms and systems….In 2003 Fredrik co-founded ISG/TrackMan™ and is the inventor of the TrackMan™ system. Fredrik has through his research contributed to a deeper understanding of what determines the ball flight. He is the author of several technical golf articles and is being widely used for seminars of PGA associations around the world.”

Michael Finney commenting on “The best Trackman numbers as far as controlling face, path, and ascent/descent...” thread at Brian Manzella writes, “is Jim Furyk according to Fredrik Tuxen (the inventor of Trackman)…I thought it was interesting that the guy with the "craziest" backswing in major competitive golf history has the best Trackman numbers with respect to consistent ball flight.”

And so the moral of the story is? When you’re tempted to listen to the “crazies” who say you’ve gotta change your swing. Go have it checked out on TrackMan. And for Kiwis who live in Auckland there’s one at JK’s World of Golf near the Auckland International airport.

Andrew Rice headlines his post, “TrackMan Exposes Golf Myths” and I’ll leave it to you, if you’re sufficiently interested which you should be, to follow the link.

Since I’m a Hogan fan with a preference but not the professional skill to hit a power fade I was particularly interested in “Draws Are Much Longer and Spin Less Than Fades”

“This is a good one!  With everything else kept the same a ball that spins on a left leaning axis has no reason to go further than a ball with a right leaning spin axis.  Now, keep in mind it’s very difficult to keep everything the same (thus draws tend to be longer), but in a controlled environment both shots go the same distance.   Just be aware that a properly struck fade will most often go just as far as its draw side counterpart.”

Here’s the link to Andrew. To Brian Manzella’s thread. And to JK’s in Auckland where you can work it out with the help of TrackMan.

Quote of the Day
“Hitting Down Always Leads to More Backspin”
"Spin is created by many factors, but a steeply descending blow on its own will not alter spin.  When a golfer hits down aggressively they often also reduce the loft on the clubface, and a lesser lofted face will do nothing to increase backspin.” – More food for thought from Andrew Rice.

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