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Golf: Where's The Missing Millions?

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

“I still don't know where [all the additional money from Fox] goes. I've tried a thousand times to get an answer. The USGA is making about $100 million a year that we know about—that's just U.S. TV revenue, not international TV money, merchandise and sales and so on. If you can show us how you're using that money to grow the game, we'd be all about it. But they haven't shown us that.”

USGA Confidential

The quote given above comes from the ‘voice’ of an anonymous multiple times winner on the PGA  in response to a question asked in the “U.S. Open 2019: USGA Confidential” article written by John Huggan and Brian Wacker.

Geoff Shackelford writes, “SI’s Daniel Rapaport took issue with several of the player and teacher remarks, but highlighted the purse griping and this caddy complaint as signs that pro golfers have lost the plot.”

Lost the plot. Really?
Having read Rapaport’s report I’m inclined to think he’s planning on moving on from SI to spin doctoring for the USGA.
Rapaport headlines his article, “Criticisms of the USGA and U.S. Open Have Gone Too Far” and writes, “It’s about time someone came to the USGA’s defense. On the record.”
Also stating, “their (USGA) PR has been atrocious.”
Perhaps not the best thing to write about a prospective employer/client’s business.

The USGA response

Sharing their thoughts on the, “U.S. Open 2019: USGA Confidential” a USGA spokesperson advised us, “Player and stakeholder feedback is important to us. We are committed to listen, to engage in a productive dialogue, and to continue to address the themes of the feedback in an effort to improve how we serve the game and those who love it.” However perhaps lacking credibility when reflecting on the matter of them (USGA) apologizing for an inaccurate tweet about Justin Thomas cancelling meetings in regards to recent changes to the rules of golf.

Links to John Huggan and Brian Wacker and Daniel Rapaport

Quote of the Day
“They came to us a year later and gave a fifth-grader's pie-chart breakdown of where the funds were going. We counted $23 million that was under “other.” We asked what the “other” is, and I don't think we got an answer.”

- Anonymous winner of more than 10 PGA and European Tour events


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