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Golf: Why Lydia is Off The Radar

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

“At just 19 years old, she already has 13 LPGA titles, yet still seems to fly under the radar. What else does she have to do to be properly recognized by the mainstream media?"
Over at their regular panel discussions include the above remark regarding Lydia Ko’s media exposure.

Van Sickle’s simple answer
Gary Van Sickle comes up with his thoughts which I’d say are kind of on the ball.
“Did Inbee Park get what she deserved from the media when she was racking up major championships? The fact is, the public--and therefore the media--have far less interest in women’s golf then men’s. It’s not fair, it’s just a fact. If ESPN covered women’s golf, they’d promote the heck out of her, we’d all make a bigger deal out of her and we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

Sex sells

Given that a couple of years ago the biggest number of hits I’ve ever had for a post headlined mention of a semi-nude female golf professional on the cover of a golf magazine.
Joe Passov’s remark struck a chord when he said, “Our August Lexi Thompson GOLF Magazine cover looks fantastic, but shouldn’t we do a Lydia Ko cover?” And of course it should but alas it appears that sex sells when it comes to selecting images or blog post headlines.

For instance, “Lexi Thompson Goes Topless for Golf Digest (May 2015),” and who among us who've been around for some time can ever forget the emergence of Jan Stephenson who is described by Luke Kerr-Dineen as, “…the woman who brought sex to the LPGA Tour.”

Another case of being overlooked

Luke writes, “Jan says she started down her path as a way to boost interest for the tour when it turned into something bigger. Not that she’s complaining. She enjoyed the added attention, but it hurts her to think that may be why she’s getting overlooked.”

The reference to being overlooked is related to the fact Jan’s still not in The World Golf Hall of Fame but she’s still hoping that one day she’ll be acknowledged for her golf prowess and not posing.
As for Lydia being overlooked by GOLF Magazine maybe she will have to wait a wee bit longer.

Here’s the link to and to Luke Kerr-Dineen

Quote of the Day
“A lot of what I did was ahead of my time. People didn’t understand it and not everybody liked it. Remembering the old stuff, I’m sure that has something to do with it.” – Jan Stephenson searching for an explanation as to why with 16 LPGA Tour wins and three majors she’s still not a Hall of Famer


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