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Golf: Your Hands Are The Secret

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

Twenty years had passed since he (Vijay Singh) claimed the Masters. Woods, Ernie Els and David Duval couldn’t keep pace as Singh prevailed by three, writes Ewan Murray in Vijay Singh's refusal to reminisce reflects his relationship with golf.

Look at that pinky finger
Ewan does a good job however what captured my attention was Vijay’s open right-hand pinky finger at the end of his follow through playing from a bunker. Sorry you’ll have to clink on the link below to go see it.
Because I was well aware of Vijay’s loose right-hand grip it was for me particulary noticeable.

The NY golfer posted this, “He (Vijay) pulls the shaft with his left side and puts his right hand on the club very loosely, This has a twofold effect. First it prevents the right hand from taking over the swing and secondly the loose right hand grip allows the club to  be freely released  ie: the left wrist freely uncocks and rolls.”

And then there’s Hogan’s comment on three right hands but we won’t go there since it’s very debatable on what he actually suggested.

It’s in the hands
Regardless of what preferences one has regarding the specific use of hands, for sure we all need them and  one of the best YouTube clips I’ve watched comes from Mike Malaska. My goto guy for golfing tips. And here's Mike talking about using your hands in the golf swing.

Link to Ewan Murray


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