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Harrington Victim of LDD Disease?

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland
Padraig Harrington

Padraig Harrington’s meltdown at the 16th (70th hole) could be put down to a couple of things. For instance Doug Ferguson writes, “Harrington, while not blaming the slow-play policy, conceded that he was rushed out during a series of shots in the rough on his way to making a triple bogey, going from a one-shot lead to a three-shot deficit.”

And Tiger reckoned that if he and Padraig hadn’t been given the hurry-up Padraig wouldn’t have rushed his shots and at worst would have gotten away with a bogey.

Nevertheless Padraig’s failure to finish off the job of winning does remind me of the disease which was recently attributed to British golfers-The Luke Donald Disease.
See my post “$15 Million in Prize Money And He’s Never Won A Major”  for details but essentially it all began when Mark Reason of The Telegraph quoted Barker Davis of the Washington Times as saying, “British golfers laid low by Luke Donald disease of under achievement.”

OK I know Paddy is not a Brit and he has three majors to his credit, so he’s no underachiever but his meltdown did bring to mind Barker Davis’ LDD comment. And by chance I saw that  Mark Reason  is at it again. Defending Luke Donald and his like and writing that there is no such thing as LDD.

Mark Reason makes a reasonable case for why there is no such thing as LDD and perhaps it’s just a case of the British media being so desperate for a British golfing success story it takes on board any kind comment which offers a likely cause behind the lack of success.

It’s funny how sometimes things flow, alas for me, more often when blogging and very infrequently while out on the links. There was I writing about lack of success and the first golf news item I saw in my Google Reader inbox was this from the NYT

“Golf and Rugby Have Best Shot at Being Added for 2016 Games”

My first thought was, “Is this good or bad news for Kiwis?” Quickly followed by, “Geez maybe by 2016 the All Blacks and those Kiwi golfers following in the golfing footsteps of Michael Campbell can get their respective acts together.”

I shall refrain from making any further comment about New Zealand’s current lack of success in the sporting arenas especially since the only headlines that Scottish golfers are making at the moment is the stoush between Monty and Sandy.

Irish Eddie, of whom I’ve previously mentioned, handed me a very old Golf Digest magazine at the weekend. We often talk of old times and great players of the past such as Bobby Locke. Arguably the best putter golf has ever seen. There was an article in GD about “Muffin face” and included a putting tip which caught my attention.

Locke was what some call a dead-weight putter. The ball dieing at the hole, unlike Tom Watson of old and Tiger of today who very often bang their putts for the back of the hole. And so it came as a surprise to read that Bobby on fast greens, always aimed for a spot six inches from the cup. On medium-paced greens for the middle of the cup and on slow greens, the back of the cup.



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