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It's a spicy FIFA World Cup!

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Dallas Boyd
Dallas Boyd

I don´t even like watching sports, but Brazil just got their ass kicked by Germany! Heh heh, that´s usually not the aim when you´re the host country but ooooo maybe it´s a spiteful karmic twist due to the insane amount of dollars that went into the games, despite crippling, in-your-face poverty, right under the multi-million dollar nose. It´s a complicated can of worms and we could point judgemental fingers at every single country in the world and question “but why are you spending money on (insert lavish grand-scale event here) when you could be spending money on (insert desperate need to end suffering here).” Followed by big moral humanitarian question marks - ??? So let´s not be hypocritical outsiders when I´m sure we have plenty of spending issues in our own back yard.

Soccer/football/futbol is second only to religion (or maybe religion is second to soccer, it depends on who you ask) and we all know how much money has gone into religion instead of actual needs, so unfortunately, those protesting against the world cup are sort of flogging a dead horse. Don´t get me wrong, I would like to see the alleviation of poverty, my heart bleeds, but no one cares. Oh, except for Coca Cola, their most heart-warming “You´re Invited” campaign showed us what people living in poverty really want (spoiler alert, it´s not money for hospitals and education.) 

I´ve saddled up my high-horse a few times and have been ready to clippity-clop around on a self-important tangent, that would have impressed everyone with my sensitivity and profound insight (shooting off a pistol above my head for added drama.) I could have compared the 2014 Fifa World Cup protests to the 1981 protests against the Springbok tour in New Zealand, righteously declaring that “the world can no longer charge along as usual, pretending inequality doesn’t exist! This new wave of protests and flood of awareness created through social media will bulldoze through the ignorant barriers of yesteryear!” But it´s same poo, different day, and no matter how many people share Facebook images or articles about the protests, they´re be writing “OLE OLE OLE!” the next day, in support of their favourite team, goddam heroes!

I was myself glued to the screen, with dishevelled hair and cup of tea, watching the Costa Rica selection make history (I consider myself to be partially Costa Rican). Of course, true to form, when the whole country was dancing in the streets and mad with celebration, domestic violence rates when up all over Costa Rica. (Although usually that happens when the team loses). The police were receiving about 20 calls per hour. Afterwards the Costa Rican soccer team, bless them, took time out of their schedule to denounce the violence. So far this year, 13 women in Costa Rica have died from domestic violence, including a mother of two just the other day. It has been concluded that domestic abuse increases in direct relation to World Cup viewing, especially if the nation´s team loses. (Let´s hope the men of Costa Rica took their favourite team´s message on-board after they lost to Holland last week…) By the way New Zealand, this happens when the All Blacks lose too.

None of this is hot-off-the-press, ground breaking stuff. My high horse is grazing quietly in the back paddock. As far as entertainment goes, these are the same run-of-the-mill sports stories that will appear, year after year. Lap it up.

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