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The McIlroy Method

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland
Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy is interviewed by Sport Illustrated’s Michael Bamberger

Rory McIlroy, 19, has the game and charisma to be golf's next star” and I learned that young Rory is quite the extrovert. There are two passages in Bamberger’s article which caught my attention.

“Bannon is the only professional teacher Rory has had, but Bannon takes no credit for his rise. He says Gerry [Rory’s Father] did a smart thing. He started Rory near the hole and thereby encouraged him to learn the game in the reverse of how it is played. In other words, Rory learned from hole to tee and not from driver to putter.”

Take heed those long in the tooth golfers, myself included, who wish to improve. We’ve been advised countless times in golf tuition books that we should spend more time on our putting and chipping. But what do we do? Bash balls at a driving range or the club practice ground and spend less than 10% of our practice time on the short game.


Do not attempt the following McIlroy method unless you are very lithe and under 21 years of age.

“A computer model of his swing at the Titleist facility — in which his body appeared as a stick-figure X-ray, his joints marked with lighted dots — revealed something that astonished the company's swing doctors. At the start of McIlroy's downswing, his left hip spins violently counterclockwise, as it does for every elite, long-hitting player. But then, and only with the driver, McIlroy makes a funky move you could not teach. A moment before impact his left hip suddenly changes direction and jerks back, clockwise, and then rotates again, this time even more powerfully than the first. It's like some mad fusion golf experiment, and McIlroy, wise man, pays it little mind. But that extra thrust explains why McIlroy — 5' 11" in cleats and 160 pounds — is one of the longest hitters in the game.”

In case you missed the news about another young man called Danny Lee

U.S. Amateur champion Lee wins Georgia Cup

“Danny Lee of New Zealand tuned up for the Masters on Tuesday by beating British Amateur champion Reiner Saxton in the 12th annual Georgia Cup between the winners of golf's two oldest amateur championships.”

Good luck to both of these young men in The Masters.

They’ll need it and then some.

Eddie our resident Irishman who in spite of his best efforts still hasn’t managed to get Guinness on tap at the club bar, says, “To be sure, to be sure Rory’s going to be there at the death come the back nine on Sunday.”

I’m not so sure but wouldn’t bet against him being right. Eddie enjoys the luck of the Irish on the golf course and maybe it’s contagious.

They’ve set up the course at the Shell Houston Open to feel like Augusta National and Rory is playing there and at the time of writing he’s not teed off because of bad weather.

Given that he’s such an extroverted young man (You’ve just gotta go to,28136,1888614-4,00.html and have a look at the pics), he’ll no doubt find lots of things to do to amuse himself.

Good golfing at the weekend.

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