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Nick Faldo’s Long Overdue Knighthood

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland
Nick Faldo. Pic: SN#1

Ian Carter at BBC Sports writes “Nick Faldo's knighthood is a long overdue honour for him and the game of golf.”

So how come it took so long?

According to Ian, “Our golfers often seem to be overlooked when it comes to the honours system, lagging behind the cyclists, yachtsmen and cricketers, who seem to be celebrated far more readily.”

True or false and who else has deserved to get a knighthood for his contribution to British golf?

It has to be Harry Vardon who won six Open Championships and in 1900 toured America and brought the game to the Americans. Alas teaching them all too well and ever since we’ve been trying to beat them ever since, especially at the U.S. Open which, incidentally, Vardon did win and Faldo never has.

The wikipedia article advises, “In 2000, Vardon was ranked as the 13th best golfer of all time by Golf Digest magazine.”

You gotta be kidding Golf Digest! But alas can’t find a link to the article to challenge them. Nicklaus and of course Hogan but 10 more before we get to Vardon – Umhhh!

So if we are to believe the experts at Golf Digest maybe British royalty was right in not giving him a knighthood – Yeah right!

But there again a knighthood has become somewhat devalued in recent times, no thanks to Tony Blair and it’s best that Harry’s record and reputation remains in tact.

Geoff Shackelford also covers the story with the kind of dry humour we usually associate with the Brits.

“Sir Nick! Queen Recognizes Faldo’s Contributions to Reviving American Golf”

Geoff then adds,

“Mark Reason reports that Nick Faldo has been knighted, the ultimate recognition of charitable works such as using your Ryder Cup captaincy to help dejected American males feel better about themselves or spending countless hours working for the Golf Channel.”

Here’s a link to Mark Reason’s article in The Telegraph:

Reason writes, “Why wait until Faldo had made a hash of the Ryder Cup captaincy to make him a knight of the realm?” Ouch!

At the weekend Irish Eddie and I were talking about famous Irish golfers and hence my interest in this headline from Golfmagic “Bruen remembered in Trouser Collection

“Irish legend had a distinctive style”

How distinctive you ask?

Here’s a YouTube clip.

If you go there be patient the clip runs for a wee while before you get a glimpse of the Bruen, top of the backswing loop like you’ve never seen before.

Something you’d never try even in your darkest and most desperate hour to find anything that’ll work for you.

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