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They’re Having A Go At Steve

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland

As previously mentioned they were thinking about putting microphones on caddies.
Now it’s a fait accompli and the guys at are having a go at Steve Williams.

George Promenschenkel writes, “A mic and a caddy: a recipe for disaster?

George suggests Steve Williams may be worth listening to but is of the opinion his native Kiwi tongue may be a bit too hard to understand. “Steve Williams also seems to offer a few meaningful tidbits during a round, but they are usually in creole Kiwi...”

George also has a couple of interesting photographs of Steve and the guy he carries the bag for. What’s his name again? You know the guy who makes a wee bit more money than Steve!

The captions under the photographs are quite funny and worth looking at.

Commenting on George’s blog, Tin Pot writes, “I’d say they’ll need a hair-trigger on the bleeper when they mic up Steve Williams, especially if Mickelson is in the group ahead.”

On the matter of carrying golf bags, I’m off to Bonnie Scotland for a wee golfing break in late April and the usual question arises, “Take the clubs with me or rent over there?”

The good news is flights inter-Europe are cheap with the likes of easyJet and flyglobespan but the golf club baggage costs can kill any savings.

Here’s a site that can give you some guidelines on the excess baggage policies of lots of airlines should you be faced with the same dilemma.

If you’ve been following this blog you’ll be aware of the stack and tilt golf swing method

And that Aussie Aarron Baddeley uses it. But could be that should read “used to use it”

According to Fox Sports “Aaron Baddeley reunites with former coach in search of major spoils [and] has returned to his childhood coach in an effort to rediscover the form that not so long ago seemed destined to make him a superstar.”

Doesn’t surprise me, stack and tilt didn’t do it for me either! But have to admit I didn’t persist nearly as long as Aarron in trying to perfect the method.

Fox Sport’s Andrew Both writes, “But he has regressed somewhat over the past six months. He ranks second last on the US Tour in driving accuracy this year, and fourth last in greens in regulation…” But wait there’s more! “…but No.1 in putting.”

Surely confirmation of that old golfing saying, “You drive for show but putt for dough.” Something I’ve said many times to myself but never taken the time to find out who is attributed with being the first person to say it.

The folks who drive brainyquote say it comes from Bobby “Muffin Face” Locke and this about Bobby from World Golf Hall of Fame “Using an old rusty-headed putter with a hickory shaft, Locke would even hook his putts. He'd address the ball at the toe and stroke out at it, imparting topspin which resulted in true, end-over-end rotation. He believed in dying the ball in the hole, using the front and the two sides of the cup. "Very early in my career I realized that putting was half the game of golf,'' Locke said, "No matter how well I might play the long shots, if I couldn't putt, I would never win.''
How good was he? At the risk of upsetting Americans reading this blog, the American pros found a way of getting him tossed from “their” tour because he was winning too much of “their” money.
A recent quote by Steve Williams got lots of unwarranted publicity and rest assured that come this weekend at the Shell Houston Open  he’ll be very careful what he says over his caddie’s mic and especially if Phil is playing in front of them – Now I remember! The guy’s called Tiger Woods.
Thinks! Don't believe "we" (using the correct terminology for the caddie/player combo)
are playing the Shell Houston Open. That should give Steve some more time improve on his "creole Kiwi."

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