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A Tiger Woods Cheeseburger Please – Make That Nine!

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Stan Sutherland
Stan Sutherland
Tiger Woods

Did you know, I didn’t, that the winner of The Masters is obliged to sit down to dinner with the Augusta National members following their victory?

Alan Shipnuck writes,

“Cabrera's appetites are like his drives — prodigious. Earlier in the evening a quaint Masters tradition had compelled him to eat a champion's dinner with the Augusta National members. Eschewing the lobster macaroni and cheese and other delicacies from the buffet, Cabrera settled on an irresistible item called the Tiger Woods Cheeseburger. The burgers were smaller than expected, so a famished Cabrera ate nine of them, washed down by gulps of red wine.”

Oh no! Not “Huggie” too.

I have not be alone in criticizing The Times’ John Hopkins comments about Tiger and now one of my favourite writers is doing a bit of Tiger-bashing

He's also having a go at Steve and I'm well aware that “Huggie” has never liked Steve Williams.

We all have people we don’t particularly like but hopefully we get the facts right before passing judgment

John writes, “Then there was the inevitable indiscreet comment from Williams, a man whose ego is dwarfed only by that of his employer. Earlier this year, the New Zealander announced to the world that he has "no respect" for Mickelson and that the happily married father-of-three is nothing more than "a p****."

C’mon “Huggie” Steve didn’t announce it to the world. The remark was not made as part of his formal speech and was something said afterwards which should have been treated as a confidential comment made between friends over a few beers after the formal event.

Alas headline-seeking journalists made a big deal of it.

As my kids would say, “Get over it Huggie and the rest of you!”

Ben Alberstadt comes to Tiger’s defense but alas like “Huggie” doesn’t quite get it right.

Ben writes, “ A specific example of the value of such an upbringing is the fact that while Tiger “never gives up” or “is never satisfied” (Western) he is always accepting and at peace with the present (Eastern). – Yeah right! As they say here in Kiwiland.

The following passage by “Huggie” if we are to believe it sounds very (Western) American cowboy and not a display of (Eastern) equanimity.

“In contrast, Woods was livid at the end of a week in which he never achieved anything like full control of his shots and swing. Both his coach, Hank Haney, and caddie, Steve Williams, had more than once felt the sharp edge of the Tiger's tongue, never more so than in the immediate wake of the second round. Having shot 72, Woods repaired to the practice range where he proceeded to loudly and profanely berate a red-faced Haney, Williams having already taken the sensible option and walked away.”

The latest on the Stack and Tilt method.

This from

“It was just about 2 years ago that I wrote a post called "Stack and Tilt: Fool's Gold?"
By now, many know what the Stack and Tilt swing method is.
But I am amazed that I still get comments on that one post (and I wrote several more about S&T in the weeks that followed).”

There’s a great photo sequence of the swing-style which appears to have helped “…a golfer in New Zealand who has re-discovered his love of the game.”

Not I!

I hastily add and is self-evident to my (unsupportive) golfing friends who are aware of my recent scores and have lost money in the process. The price of being my partner.

Russell, the guy I have previously mentioned and have agreed to disagree with on which one is the better course Kinloch or Wairakei has just come back after playing four rounds at Jack’s Point and we agree, Jack’s Point is a fabulous golfing experience.

His father-in-law who is a very discerning Aussie says, “The breakfasts at the clubhouse are “Real beaut!”

No he didn’t actually say that. His language has markedly improved over the many years he’s lived in New Zealand.

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