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Symantec cyber security predictions: 2019 and beyond

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media

Symantec CTO Hugh Thompson and GM of Symantec Security Analytics and Research Steve Trilling have some great insights to share regarding what organisations, governments and individuals can expect on the cyber security front in 2019 and beyond. They’ve compiled a list that looks at some of the trends and activities that will impact the cyber world in the coming year - from IoT and supply chain attacks to AI vulnerabilities and 5G deployment. Here are a few of their predictions:

Attackers will exploit AI systems and use AI to aid assaults. Specifically, AI could leverage deepfakes to make social engineering attacks even more sophisticated.

Growing 5G deployment will expand the attack surface area. Given the peak data rate of 5G networks is 10 Gbps, compared to 4G’s 1 Gbps, the shift to 5G will catalyse new operational models, new architectures, and-consequently-new vulnerabilities. As more 5G IoT devices enter the market, they’ll connect directly to the 5G network rather than via a Wi-Fi router, making the devices more vulnerable to direct attack.

IoT-based events will move beyond massive DDoS assaults to new, more dangerous forms of attack. Symantec expects to see growing numbers of attacks against IoT devices that control critical infrastructure, as well as attempts to weaponise home-based IoT devices. For example, a nation-state shutting down thermostats in an enemy state during a harsh winter.

Attacks that leverage the supply chain will grow in frequency and impact. An increasingly common target of attackers is the software supply chain, with attackers implanting malware into otherwise legitimate software packages. We could also see legitimate attempts to infect the hardware supply chain in the future.

If you’re interested, I’m happy to share a copy of Symantec’s full set of predictions which includes topics like increased regulatory activity (stemming from GDPR) and massive cryptojacking efforts to mine cryptocurrencies. Additionally, I can schedule time with a Symantec expert to discuss. Please let me know.

The infographic for these predictions can be found here.

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