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All of Government Digital Showcase

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What: All of Government Innovation Showcase

Date: Tuesday 9 March

Time: 12 - 4 pm

Strap on a pair of VR goggles, meet an unusual local guide and prepare to be immersed in WellTown as New Zealand’s capital is transformed into the world’s first virtual city that you can explore and play as a game. Or witness the innovative NZTA prototypes of an approach to transport that is customer-centric and supports road safety, accessibility and changing transport modes. Both of these feature alongside a ground breaking Better for Business digital initiative that seamlessly brings together multiple agency services to allow businesses to apply for and renew licenses from one place.

Under the theme ‘Re-imagine. Innovate… Curious?’ The All of Government Innovation Showcase features top local and central Government innovators demonstrating initiatives that improve Government services to New Zealanders and NZ businesses. This is the third showcase that demonstrates why NZ is part of the Digital 9 (D9) leading nations - profiling innovative, world-first digital services.

Over 30 exhibitors are sharing the exciting new ways Government is working with and for New Zealand. It’s an opportunity for people to share, learn and be inspired.

"Services are growing and adapting as government makes digital changes that transform how services relate to Kiwis. Taking a lead from other countries, banks, television, and transport, Government is working on making sure NZ citizens come first in government service design,", said Ann-Marie Cavanagh from the Office of the Government Chief Digital Officer.

"Our showcase demonstrates the innovative going on in government with a focus on designing easier and more seamless services," said Lisa Casagranda, Director of the cross-agency Better for Business programme. "While we don’t like showing-off in New Zealand, we know from the previous Showcases there’s a lot of excitement when people see the ground-breaking ways we’re improving government services. We’re particularly proud of the some of the Better for Business digital initiatives that truly put customers at the centre."

While the display is in Wellington, a short video of the exhibits will allow us to share the initiatives across the public service.

Key exhibitors and initiatives on display will include:

New Zealand Transport Agency Hackathons

Over the past 12 months, the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has hosted three hackathons to solve wicked problems through innovative approaches. They’re creating a cross-sector, customer-centric approach to big challenges including road safety, accessibility and mode shift. Everyone they are collaborating with - from the transport industry, tech industry, other public sector organisations, students and the general public - is enthusiastic to see a government agency creating this platform for new and innovative solutions - with outcomes including proposed policy change, new data tools to better inform NZTA’s decision-making, and the sale of unique IP to a third party entity ready to be piloted.

WellTown - Take a trip to virtual Wellington

Virtual Wellington allows people to explore and interact with the city without boarding a plane. It includes an interactive game, WellTown, available for free download in the Steam and Oculus VR stores,..

Created by WellingtonNZ, the region’s economic development agency, Virtual Wellington aims to attract visitors, students and talent.

Better for Business Programme’s Business Connect

Business Connect is a cross-agency digital initiative that brings multiple agency services together to make the experience of applying for, managing and renewing ‘permissions to operate’ (for example licenses, consents, permits, certifications, registrations) more seamless. Integrating the NZBN, Business Connect enables businesses to provide information across all levels of government from one place.

Digital Identity Transition Programme

The Digital Identity Transition Programme is investigating what government’s role should be in the emerging digital identity ecosystem. The programme is working with government agencies and the new Industry-led community, Digital Identity NZ, to determine policies, rules, standards and guidelines that will form a trust framework for how people will be recognised on the internet in the future.

The programme is also running a collaborative series of discovery projects into user views and solution concepts across a range of problem areas. Ultimately it aims to identify the most effective ecosystem architecture and how government should be involved in order to ensure people can thrive with confidence in the digital NZ economy.

Te Hokianga a Wairua - End of Life (Services)

End of Life helps people find information about what to do, and services that might be available to you, following the death of a loved one. End of Life helps find information to help you create and share a personalised plan of what you want to happen when you die.


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