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Almost Everything About Twitter Lists

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I love my Twitter lists. They are a fantastic way to organize your followers and follow people without actually having their posts in your timeline.

There are many reasons and ways to use Twitter Lists personally and for your business account. This is what I know, so you know. If I've missed anything please add it!

  1. Twitter lists can be private or public. If you are following lots of people it's useful to have a private list for your most frequent tweeps - the people you most often talk to. 
  2. When creating a new list always add a description and add your list to so others can easily find it
  3. Share lists you have created on your website, blog and message people you have added. I usually do this with the #NZBIZ New Zealand Businesses on Twitter and Promote them on your Facebook page too.

Here are some ideas of lists you could create

  1. Staff directory - list all your staff on twitter, make it public so your customers and followers have an easy way to connect with your team
  2. Campaign list - List all the stakeholders involved in your campaign from media, marketing people, staff, consultants, influencer's, bloggers, fans to increase your campaigns visibility and so everyone can keep tabs on the Buzz.
  3. Location lists - Keep a list of everyone in your town/city so when you want to organize a Tweet-up or other event its easy for you to target people. 
  4. Event attendees and live tweeters - If your having a conference add all the attendants to the Twitter list including anyone Live Tweeting the event. Again its extra exposure and you're making it way easier for reporters and punters to listen to the action and get involved
  5. Lists for you - Looking for a job? You might create a twitter list for all the recruiters in your area. Or if you need to keep up to date on a certain topic at work you might List all the influential bloggers.
  6. Our Great Customers - You might create a list for your customers so its easy for people to ask one of them a question, check out your work etc.
  7. Your competitors - So you may not want to follow your main competition but its important to know what they are saying and doing. Keep it private.
  8. People who write about you - If you have a bunch of people writing, blogging or commenting on your business keep up to date on their recent posts and other issues they are talking about so you can engage and contribute to their conversations. Listen
  9. Topic lists - Internet marketers, Organic growers, builders, real estate agents, anyone topic you are interested in can form a great list
  10. Potential customers - If you're running a Twitter search on keywords for say "I'm looking to buy a house" they you might add all those people to a list you can follow and engage with if you're a real estate agent. You might do the same if your a furniture mover. You might search for tweets "I'm going out tonight" in your area and add them to a list "Needs a taxi later"
  11. Make it easier for companies to find you - Add yourself to lists you create
  12. Your friends list - Just your best buddies on Twitter
  13. RSS feed replacement - News feeds from TV, print and websites. Replaces your normal RSS feed reader and you get real fast updates

 Other essential tips for lists:

  1. Creating lists called "Awesome friends" might cause people not on the list to get upset #boohoo but you might rename it "Friends in Auckland" or "Rugby Mates" or you can make your lists private.
  2. Check out what lists your listed on. Its helpful know who's watching you, so you can message and chat to them more frequently. You might be on a list thats inappropriate or negative so knowing means you can contact the list owner and talk to them about it
  3. Follow other peoples lists, there is no point doing the hard work if someone else already collated the list
  4. You can check out and follow the lists I have created here:
  5. Public lists are searchable on Google
  6. Use Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to create tabs for each of your Lists so its a 1 click to check out the latest posts

What are your favorite Twitter Lists that you follow?

Do you have any other great ways to use Lists?


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