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Ban The Spam

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Rob West
Rob West

We have all gone away for a few days or weeks, or just gone back to the desk after a weekend and found to our disgust that spam had abducted our inboxes. Just like it's only slightly meatier cousin the email type of spam is unpalatable and disturbing. It's infuriating, time wasting and sometimes strangely invasive. You do tend to wonder how a dutch washing machine company got your email address and why it is sending you emails regarding their fabulous and surprisingly tempting new deals on dryers!

The wonder that is the internet has produced some absolute corkers, let's be honest. The free access to all kinds of info including the wondrous wikipedia. Facebook in order to keep in touch with all your pals. Google maps and route finder (how did we find our way about before it?). TV on demand for all your favourite shows anytime of the day and of course a seemlessly endless supply of pornography!

It's done, and wields, some pretty awesome things but I can honestly say spam is up there with the most annoying things in my day. It's like having those endless flyers shoved in your mail box but instead of them being the local market or burger wisconsin with some deals to be had, they are innane and useless scraps of info that are gumming up your intray.

The instigator of this wee rant is not in fact the presence of a particularly infuriating spam mail from the philipine's finest karoake machine producer, or anything like that. It is in fact as a result of learning that not only are these little annoyances just that, but they also inflict a huge carbon impact on the world. A recent study commissioned by McAFEE showed that the worldwide product of 63 trillion spam emails every year use 33 terawatts of energy. That enough to power 2,400,000 homes!!! Emissions equalling that of 3, 100, 000 cars!!!

I can't help thinking that those figures are absolutely insane and surely we should try and discurage as many companies as possible from sending out this junk mail. It will certainly prove less of an annoyance for everyone's days but also go toward saving the planet. Let's ban the spam!

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