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Bloody Meetings - Meet or Die

David Silversmith
David Silversmith

Whether you love meetings or hate meetings, the Internet is here to help you.  MinuteBase and MeetingMix will add order to your meetings and MEETorDIE will help you quantify your bad meetings.

For meeting moguls and productivity experts you will want to check out MinuteBase and MeetingMix for ways to make meeting planning and follow-up even easier.

Managing meetings when you’re not actually in the same building as the folks you’re meeting with can be difficult and this is the specialty for MeetingMix which can speed up the process of setting your agenda, as well as helping you keep the meeting flowing and managing minutes. This service makes it easy to incorporate suggestions from your attendees to create a focused agenda that attendees are prepared to discuss. Great y agendas will bring more structure to your meetings

But MeetingMix does not stop there as it allows you to keep a centralized copy of your minutes to help attendees remember key decisions and follow up on action items.  Compare this to the most often used model of emailing around multiple and confusing copies of work documents.

MinuteBase also helps you organize and manage your meetings—from who attended, to what was talking about and delegated. This service will guide you through putting together an agenda, emailing it to team members and then adding minutes in real-time right from your browser. Minutebase makes it easy to follow up on tasks you've assigned to individuals or entire teams and the app will even track what's been done and what still needs to be completed.

Now, since MeetingMix is $5.00 USD and MinuteBase is closer to 20 bucks a month you will have to think about how much help you really need with your meetings.  But consider the dark side of meetings - that this next service will tell you about - before you decide.

Now, if you think there is no reason to improve meetings and you hate them then you need to consider this next service.  Ask these questions: Have you ever been invited to a meeting that makes you so angry you’ve considered office Jihad? Are you looking to make your career in 2010 more productive? If you are, then you will love  This new site calculates exactly how much your lousy meeting is going to cost by looking at the specific industries, companies, meeting length, and salaries of the attendees - the data is US centric, but the site will still help reduce your meeting stress.

Depending on how wasteful your meeting is, MEETorDIE’s mascot, Goolah, will be shown in different precarious situations incorporating imagery from other popular startups, such as Foursquare and Twitter. More importantly, MEETorDIE suggests how the money being wasted during these meetings might be better spent, such as donating money for drinking water for Africa.  And even if you don't want to enter in the data on your own meetings, on the main page of the site you can also see other people around the world bitching about their meeting. And anyone can comment anonymously on these meeting notes.

Love em or leave em - we all have to deal with meetings in our own way.


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