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Cloudy With Little Chance Of Viruses

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David Silversmith
David Silversmith

What if every time on person's computer identified a virus - one of the 2 million computer viruses now being created each year - it instantly shared that learning with your computer?  That is the goal of Immunet as it brings cloud computing to the fight against computer viruses.

Immunet is the first anti-virus which collectively harnesses the power of the World Wide Web community.

Imagine for a moment that you could link to the computers of your friends, family and a global community to harness the collective security of all these systems put together. Every time someone in this collective community encounters a threat, everyone else in the community gains protection from that same threat in real time.

Even though knowledge of anti-virus software has spread, computers (and their human owners) are still getting viruses at alarming rates and traditional Anti-Virus software is not keeping up or keeping people well protected.  The Immunet founders, Oliver Friedrichs (former Director at Symantec) and Alfred Huger (former McAfee and Symantec executive), believe that they have found a better way to fight computer viruses.

The idea is that using Immunet you link to the computers of your friends, family and a global community to harness the collective security of all these systems put together.  To summarize, the idea behind Immunet is that the sum of parts is greater than the whole. The Immunet data center harnesses the community power. With your internet connection you are always connected to the Immunet. The cloud aggregates virus definitions and every user taps into this security umbrella. 

If one user in the social chain gets threatened by a virus, this information passes through the cloud to the others in the circle. The threat is identified and neutralized at the central Immunet server. The key feature is that detection and cure happens in real time and your PC gains knowledge of the virus in near real time versus the day or two delay common with most other anti-virus software.  This time lapse is the key reason why many people, who thought they were protected, still get viruses on their computer. This is what Immunet has labeled Collective Immunity™ and it gathers strength daily as the Immunet Community grows.

Immunet is free, light and easy to install. The application can be downloaded and installed quickly over any boradband connection. Ideal system Operating systemss are – Microsoft Windows XP (SP2 or later), Vista and Windows 7 (RC 32Bit only).  You can sign up with Immunet or use your Facebook login as a way to access Immunet.

Even if you are not 100% sold on the concept or have already invested in anti-virus software, Immunet can be part of your world as it can provide a fast and light layer of virus detection on top of your existing Anti-Virus product.  Most commercial anti-virus products fight with each other - but Immunet can run alongside Norton Antivirus (versions 2008, 2009 and 2010). Also supported are AVG Pro (v8.5) and MacAfee 2009.

Given the volume of threats today, its proven that no single AntiVirus vendor is able to provide complete protection. Each vendor is faced with a daunting number of threats to contend with, each leveraging teams of analysts to produce thousands of detections every day.  The bottom line - with everything you have stored on your PC today - photos, finances, music, documents and more - you simply can't have to much protection!


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