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Comedians of the World Unite!

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David Silversmith
David Silversmith

YouTube has brought the art of video making to a new level and JokeyPhone is hoping to the same thing for the art of joke telling.  Sure you can find a host of websites that have lists of jokes - but a major part of humor is the timing and delivery of the joke.

From a visitor perspective when you visit the site you are greeted by a random joke to watch. You’re can browse these jokes and, as with any social media site, share them with friends.  The most unique feature is Auto Play, which allows you to turn on the JokeyPhone player and watch joke after joke without interruption. Imagine if you could watch Youtube with video after video.  A new joke comes after five seconds, giving you enough time to save or replay a joke.

From a jokester perspective, JokeyPhone encourages users to make a video recording of somebody telling a joke. If you get into the habit of telling jokes, you’re also welcome to create your own joke channel.  Another great feature is the opportunity for U-Tell Joke. If you hear a joke and you think you can do better - all you have to do is show your stuff. U-Tell Joke allows you to retell some one's joke. It's one thing to say you can do it better, it's another thing to prove it.  It looks like a competition feature is on the way to add more fun to the site.

JokeyPhone’s interface is clean and simple so you can easily find the best jokes by jumping to the most viewed or highest rated sections. However, the site’s new and traffic is still low so the user recommendations for most viewed and highest rated are not very effective yet. It's just like YouTube and Facebook when they only had a couple of thousand users.  Right now the key limitation for JokeyPhone is that you cannot embed your jokes onto other sites.  However, on the development queue JokeyPhone is planning on building integration with Facebook, the iPhone and the Blackberry which should dramatically increase traffic.

If you are thinking of watching this in the office or sharing some of the best jokes than than you will appreciate the their category system, which provides a safety rating that assures that you don’t have to subject yourself to vulgar or off-color jokes unless that's the humor you are looking for. However the rating system of S, A and D for Safe, Alert and Danger is not that obvious to the first time visitor.  For my money, some of the best jokes are when you have the visual image of a soft spoken sweet person providing the vulgar punch line. 

So far it's mostly amateur submitted jokes.  However, you have to wonder if you will start to see the semi-professionals, comedians who are trying to make a name and become professional comedians, strutting their stuff on JokeyPhone.  Similar to YouTube, you can even see the professional comedians add their own jokes.  Only time will tell if JokeyPhone can attract the traffic to become a cultural phenomena or just a humorous addition to the Internet dead pool.

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