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Computer Mouse - Not So Simple Any More?

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David Silversmith
David Silversmith

Once upon a time the computer mouse moved the cursor and had one simple button, then two, then a scroll wheel and now, as you will see here, computer mice have been taken to all extremes - from growing grass to 18 buttons!

Doug Englebart invented the mouse back in the 1960s but by the time the technology became widely used the patent had run out and Englebart never made any money off this invention.  However, that has not stopped several generations of mouse enhancers!

If you started using a computer in the 1980s then you have probably migrated from a one button to a multi-button mouse. However, did you ever think you would need a 17 button mouse!?!  Game players are always looking to offload as many of the non-movement related keystrokes to the mouse itself.   You can check out this video extolling the value of the Naga - this 17 button mouse.

While the Naga is really just for gamers, the OpenOfficeMouse, is designed for the mainstream office worker. They claim that “16 buttons divided into two 8-button halves were the maximum number of buttons that could be efficiently used by feel alone.” They’ve set up profiles to make the OpenOfficeMouse work with the OpenOffice suite and software like 3D Studio Max, Firefox, and many others. For those people who have made their fingers adapt to small texting keyboards - here is yet one more physical challenge.  Just as the office chair has led to booming business for chiropractors, I imagine that in the future doctors specializing in dealing with repetitive hand motion injuries will be the next millionaires.

Now, moving into the realm of even less practical here is a weird and pointless mouse which comes covered in grass. Yes, real grass. While the idea may seem like a winner to those who advocate green living, it is rather funny to imagine that you might have to water the mouse so that the grass stays green and fresh. The mouse is one of the many objects covered in grass by Japanese artist Hanaoka, who has also covered cars in grass.

I'm not sure why cars or computer mice need to be covered with grass - but if you need a gift for that somebody who already has everything - than look no further!

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