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The Double Dare Goes High-Tech

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David Silversmith
David Silversmith

Once upon a time a double dare was simple - "I double dare you to eat the worm in that apple."  Though often it involved the lure of cash with, "I'll give you 2 dollars if you dare sit next to Betty at lunch."  Of course, whether you actually got the two dollars was always in question.  Until now that is with PayPal asking you to "Do Stuff for Money."

PayPal got it's start as a way for eBay sellers to exchange money without having to wait until a check was mailed, received and cleared.  PayPal managed money between two people.  As PayPal matured and essentially became the standard for PayPal transactions it expanded and looked for ways to become a payment system on other ecommerce websites - managing the money transfer between a person and a business.  But now, PayPal is returning to its roots and is once again looking for ways to manage payments between people.

The PayPal "Do Stuff for Money" website is attempting to bring PayPal into the social media fray.  All you have to do is enter your name, your friend's name, an amount and what you want them to do.  Now, if you are short ideas that is not a problem as they randomly select past requests and display them right on the page.  Recent requests include "Ben offered Tim $5.00 to Bark loud in the office when at least 5 people are there" and "Kristina offered Jenn $1.00 to tell everyone what her real birthday age is from now on."

While PayPal might display the request on their page - you still need to complete the dare and get it to your "friend."  But that is no problem.  Once you enter the basics noted above, you get a second screen which lets you login to Facebook and send the request, post it on your Facebook wall or send the request/dare via email.   From there is just how PayPal always works - except you have to decide if you send the money on the promise of the dare being done or only once the daring deed is done.

PayPal has a number of other ways they hope to get into the personal space: pay your team dues, send cash gifts (instead of gift cards) or solve one of the age old challenges - how to split a restaurant check up among 20 people.  So when just asking for money is not enough - now can you can have your friends pay their IOUs electronically. 

Hey, I'll give you a dollar to try it out and give this story a thumbs up!

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