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Drive a Car Over the Internet

David Silversmith
David Silversmith

Once upon a time a toy car was all you needed to keep a little boy occupied (and sometimes a few grown-ups too).  But the next generation will allow drivers to use the Internet to drive actual physical vehicles at a track.

Joker Racer lets you remote-control model cars via your browser window, from anywhere in the world and in real-time. The Linux-powered and Wi-Fi-enabled model cars are equipped with GPS, a mini Linux server and a web cam mounted on top of them. It will even be possible to control the cars with the iPhone.   So you can remote drive their wifi controlled cars from your Internet browser!  All you will need to do is use your cursor (arrow) keys to control real model cars real-time on your browser.  Their real time chat feature will also help visitors to communicate each other during the race.

Joker Racer allows you to use the Internet to race radio-controlled cars. The size of the joker racer car is about 1/10 of the real car.  Joker Racer used a small Linux server to control these small cars. All the devices on this car are controllable from using very simple web-based interface, which means anyone in the world can drive this car from their browser. The real-time streaming images from the on-board web cam makes it feel like you are actually “driving” a car.  The car is even equipped with GPS system, which makes it possible to keep track of the location of the car.  

The company has been going through changes as they build this device, and they just restructured and made an official announcement on the future of their product at TechWorld Japan.  You can sign up at their website - but openings to try out the service are very limited. So far they only have a few tracks - but they are offering to send vehicles to public events for more testing.  So if you are running a big festival or conference you can apply for an opportunity. You can invite those who actually can not visit the place to your event via internet. You will be able to give a unique opportunity to Internet visitors by sharing the experience of driving in the event.

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