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Droolr - The Wishlist for Geeks

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David Silversmith
David Silversmith

Droolr is a website where people can share and vote on the latest in gadgets, electronics, and any other items interesting to geeks.  From tweeting dogs to transparent toasters this is the place to spot trends.

Basically, on Droolr geeks can share their latest discoveries and the items they lust over both with like-minded friends and with members of their families. In order to add items, create a wishlist or cast a vote users can log in with their Twitter or Facebook account. There is no need to create a new one to go around. And as far as the items that can be submitted go, there are no restrictions at all.

The traffic is still small on Droolr so the vote counts are small, but the collection of discoveries is rather interesting.

Inside geek jokes abound as in this shirt which has “Helvetica” written in the comic sans font. Sure to infuriate all your designer buddies.  And considering there are entire sites dedicated to killing Comic Sans, this could prove to be a popular item.  If you have never seen CollegeHumor's parady the Font Conference than you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Or if you are lazy check out the self stirring mug that is available at ThinkGeek has a stylish appearance with a metallic finish, being made from stainless steel. You can use it with almost any type of drink, such as hot chocolate, milk, tea and even coffee. The mug stirs drinks automatically as you press the special button on the handle.

The airmouse is an interesting twist on the "traditional' desktop mouse moving even beyond the wireless mouse. A Canadian firm, Deanmark Ltd has introduced the AirMouse – that can be worn like a glove. Equipped with optical tracking laser, that last for a week on single charge, the mouse has been clinically tested to work by aligning itself with the user’s hand and wrist ligaments to keep the hand in a neutral position, thus minimizing the excessive force required to function by the ordinary styled mice. Because, the AirMouse makes hand movement more easy and swift, it also enhances upon the user’s mousing speed and accuracy. The AirMouse has the right and left click mouse buttons placed in the palm. It is so designed to lets the user type without any hindrance, even when the glove is on.

The list goes on including, shown above, the Kong-12 flashlight with 10,800 lumens, perhaps enough to set your neighbor’s house on fire? A biometric flash drive to keep your files as secure as your fingerprints are unique. And, in an item sure to bring joy to any self-respecting geek, a life sized replica of the captain's chair from Star Trek.  Okay, so this one might be outside the price range of most earth creatures - but it highlights the range of ideas that people leave at Droolr.

And Droolr is not limited to existing items, as many links go to another great site in where you can find incredible concepts like a toaster that toasts between two sheets of glass, so you can keep your eyes on your bread to get it just right!  Here you can truly see ideas long before they ever make it to physical reality.

You can even use Droolr to create lists and add any item that you've submitted or voted for. Thus you can use Droolr as a birthday wishlist to try and get those awesomely unique and geeky items. Shipping costs are killer when these products are sold in the US or Europe but you never know when geeks will arrive on our shores.

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