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Fastest-ever plane goes missing on test flight

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Dallas Boyd
Dallas Boyd

This is simultaneously one of the stupidest and fishiest things I have read in recent times. How is it possible that technology exists to create a military plane capable of flying 22 times faster than the speed of sound - able to fly anywhere in the world in just one hour - yet technology fails to transmit its coordinates?

I haven’t seen enough episodes of The Big Bang Theory yet to consider myself an expert on Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle-2. However as a little girl, standing on the roof of the play house, I was able to say hello to truck drivers by picking up their radio signals on my toy walkie talkie. Considering how communication has evolved significantly even since then, I find it doubtful that the U.S. Military cannot harness it enough to find out where their expensive defence research plane went. And if they have sincerely lost their new toy before even getting a chance to break it in, then I would ask how much money they are throwing into the ocean. Again. Because the first time they tried this, the plane aborted itself and nose dove into the sea.  

Can you imagine being a Somalian pirate, minding your own business, checking your compass and the wind direction on the high seas, when suddenly one of those weird looking U.F.O things crash lands next to you? It doesn’t look like any type of plane they’d ever have seen before. Number one, you’d shit your pants and be worried about an alien invasion. Number two, you’d fetch a fair price for it on the black market, probably to some weasel-beaked communists who know how to install a locator beacon. 

Recent opinion from aforementioned weasel-beaks has stated that the United States should cut military spending due to it’s recent credit downgrade. If not, how much harder will it be for the world economy to recover? China, God bless her cotton socks, has been “the largest creditor of the world’s sole superpower.” Which is quite nice when you consider the nasty attitude the United States has traditionally had towards communist nations. However, China has now told the U.S. that the good old days of borrowing willy nilly are over!

Is this number one (?) super power capable of taking this advice humbly and accept criticisms that money cannot constantly be borrowed? Will military spending cuts help the world economy to recover? Perhaps, like the plane that has “gone missing” the answer is simply to take better care of the resources we have. 

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