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Find the Best Online Writers

David Silversmith
David Silversmith

With the growth of the Internet there are tons of blogs and tons of blog writers.  Scribnia is a way to review and discover the greatest writers on the web.

Scribnia describes itself as “a rating and discovery engine for bloggers and columnists” that lets you “find better writers online.”  There are tons of blogs, tons of web sites and tons of online writers, how do you find the best writers on subjects that interest you.  Scribnia, which just relaunched after a year in beta, wants to be the source for people's opinions about bloggers, columnists, reporters, and other online writers. 

The concept is really quite simple. If you're a writer, you search your name to see if a user has added you already. If not, you can add yourself to the site.

If you are a reader, you can review some writers that you've already read - and you can also add writers who are not yet in the Scribnia database. You can search by name or topic in the search bar or browse by category. Scribnia uses your reviews to rank the writers.  There is no favoritism towards writers who publish on heavily trafficked sites as Scribnia does not rank based on traffic or incoming links, but based on the feedback and opinions of readers.

Scribnia reviews include “Context ratings” which are metrics  tailored to different subjects. For example, technology writers are rated on focus - mainstream technology to cutting edge; audience - general public to technology experts and content - from news to commentary.

As a reviewer, once you've reviewed 5 writers, you start to get value.  Scribnia will begin to recommend other writers that you might enjoy based on the ratings and reviews that you've written.  if you like badges and scores like Yahoo Answers or eBay then you will enjoy earning badges by completing different goals around the site like recommending writers to your friends and writing really great reviews.

The key criticism of Scribnia is that you tend to see lots of glowing reviews.  David Sprinks, Community Manager at Scribnia, has responded to this commentary by noting that when people first join Scribnia, the first thing they tend to do is review the authors that you read on a regular basis. Obviously, if you remember the writer's names and you regularly read them - you are likely to have a positive attitude about them. So most of the reviews from new visitors are generally positive. As the volume of reviews grows, Scribnia is betting that the negative constructive criticism will help make the ratings more effective.

The Internet allows you to rate books on Amazon, rate sellers on eBay, rate hotels on tons of travel sites, write reviews of co-workers on LinkedIn and with Scribnia you can now write about the writers.


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