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Firefox Add-In Collections

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David Silversmith
David Silversmith

One of the best features of the Firefox browser is that there are literally thousands of totally free ways to customize your copy Firefox to fit exactly what you like to do online.  There are plugins to improve the way you work with Twitter, with LinkedIn, with maps, with ads - you name it you can plug it in to Firefox.

However, most people don't spend as much time on the Internet as me and don't have the time to browse through thousands of resources, read obscure and geeky forums, and search for best tools to accomplish a certain task. That's where Firefox Collections come in. Let’s say you want to interact with the various social networks directly from Firefox. You can try out the different plugins one by one, but now you can also install an entire Firefox collection of add-ons called the Social Circuit, which contains 16 social add-ons for Twitter, Orkut, MySpace and more.

Maybe you dabble in Web programming.  In that case you can pick the Firebug Add-Ons collection and in one fell swoop get Firebug, which integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of development tools at your fingertips, and 7 more add-ons that work smoothly with Firebug.  You'll have no need to worry about conflicts - all the add-ons in this collection work together hand-in-hand.

Or for researchers or students, you can make a librarian jealous with the Reference Desk collection; a group of add-ons that help with a tough question find and document all the answers.  Translations, dictionaries, note- taking - they are all in this collection.

Another feature of collections is that you can create your own collection - either a public or private collection. So you basically create an up-to-date backup of your must-have Firefox extensions. For frequent Firefox re-installers, a good collection is going to be a must. For those looking to help out Firefox newcomer friends or needing to keep a group of workers updated, this is a great approach. Me, for once I am going to get all the PCs in the house in synch with the same Firefox setups.

If you are still using Internet Explorer, these collections are a great way to get introduced to Firefox and get the browser customized all at once.

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