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Hey Mikeyy, Twitter Has Some Security Issues!

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David Silversmith
David Silversmith

It was 27 years ago when Tony Basil first sang "Hey Mikey" but today Twitter is tweeting a new twist with "Hey Mickeyy you're so fine, You're so fine, you hack my twitter, hey Mickeyy, hey Mickeyy." While the details are still sketchy it is clear that Twitter was hit hard by two different worms this weekend.

If you have seen Tweets like "Mikeyy I am done" or "Twitter please fix this, regards Mikeyy" than one of the folks you are following has been infected. Twitter users need not panic as these worms were both nuisance worms and not malicious. Their only activity is to post unwanted messages. You can always check on Twitter status on their status page.

The first worm is associated with the StalkDaily website (although they claim they were a victim too) and was "fixed" by Twitter several hours after it was first discovered. However, just hours after Twitter wrote on their status page that the issue was fixed, a new exploit was launched carrying the name of the 17 year old who supposedly created the first StalkDaily worm.

The challenging nature of the attack and why this is far more serious than previous Twitter exploits is that there was no need to click a link to get infected. All you have to do to get this worm was visit a Twitter profile of somebody whose profile was already infected. If you want to get more nitty-gritty you can check out this outline of the attack on

While Twitter is powerful, you have to remember that Twitter is fueled by a mere 30-35 employees in San Francisco, California. This small circle of employees is trying to run a site/system that a February 2009 blog at roughly 6 million unique visitors and the total number of monthly visits at 55 million. I say "trying to run" as their outages and the ensuing "fail whale" logo is probably the 2nd best known error message - 2nd only to Microsoft's dreaded blue screen of death.

It may be Monday here in New Zealand, but it's still the weekend back in California and the Twitter crew is trying valiantly to find these security holes before somebody decides to launch a truly malicious attack. Google has been rumored to be in talks to acquire Twitter and my guess is that right about now the exhausted Twitter staff are ready for an acquisition and influx of resources to help secure the Twitter world.

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