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Internet Cooking - Supercook and Recipe Puppy

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David Silversmith
David Silversmith

Its dinner time and you can't decide what to make.  With several new Internet sites you simply type in what ingedients you have in the in the house and they will reply with a list of potential recipes!

This has happened to everybody at some point.  You open the fridge.  You open the cabinets.  You know what food you have.  You know what boring items you can make with.  What you are wondering is, what could I make with these ingredients that is new and exciting? 

Who would have thought that the Internet could make you a better cook?  Two new sites are ready to help expand your cooking horizons.

Free recipe search engine Recipe Puppy finds meals by a list of ingredients or keywords searching through more than 500,000 recipes across dozens of web sites. Once you've searched using the list of ingredients you want to use, Recipe Puppy will suggest other similar ingredients that you might want to add to your search, a very nice feature to help pick an interesting meal. You can use some regular search operators to help—for instance, you can add a "-" in front of fish. Recipe Puppy's ability to search many sites at once makes it worth a look for anybody trying to figure out what to make for dinner. 


Supercook finds tasty recipes based off the items you already have. Similar to Recipe Puppy, Supercook asks what’s in your kitchen and then uses that information to provide dozens, if not hundreds, of unique dishes that you probably would never have thought of on your own. Adding ingredients to the Supercook system is easy as you will see drop down list with suggestions as you type. The best feature is the tag cloud of common items it pops up to make adding new ingredients easy. As you add items, the system automatically begins to suggest recipes based on those grocery items.

Supercook has a focus on solving the practical problems of modern home cooks: how to waste less food, how to use up perishable or seasonal ingredients, how to keep track of everything in the kitchen, how to save time and money.  Overall, Supercook is very simple, but that’s what makes it so easy to use.

Supercook has a very visual approach for including an excluding items that makes it even easier to use than Recipe Puppy.  However, either site will definitely provide you with new creativity in the kitchen!

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