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Internet Love

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David Silversmith
David Silversmith

Once upon a time, lovers had to rely on the old classics - handwritten notes, whispering in each other's ears or maybe some roses.  But today, with the Internet and social media you can declare you love via technology.

Check out these 5 great ways to declare your love or see how other have done it.

1. YouTube
How much more public can you get then YouTube.  While there are many videos, consider these two favorites.  First a very brazen boyfriend proposes to his girlfriend in the middle of Main Street in front of a huge crowd at Disneyland. There’s even a musical scene that follows the proposal, complete with Disney staffers getting in on the production.

Then, one can not talk YouTube and romance without the viral wedding dance video that made the world smile, laugh, and cry tears of joy. It’s a beautiful moment in time that we’re glad Jill and Kevin decided to share on YouTube.  

2. Tell the world about your love, I mean very specifically when you make love

Would you post your love-making locations on the web? Thousands of people are doing just that on a site called I Just Made Love. It’s really a simple site: right click on a Google Map to post the location of your passionate moments, select “Indoor” or “Outdoor” and choose from one of 5 positions, as illustrated by the site’s cartoon figures.

3. Cardboard Love
Taking a far more romantic approach is Cardboard love a blog dedicated to little bits of cardboard musings on love. Joey’s a designer who turned his random cardboard doodles into lovey-dovey snippets made for his girlfriend, Maria.

4. Long Distance Photo Shop Love

If you have ever had a long distance relationship you know the challenges. A British student and American photography expert created a series of touching portraits in which they defy the distance to appear very much together. Rosie, 18, of Buxton, Derbyshire, and boyfriend Aaron Nace, 25, of North Carolina, met through photo sharing website Flickr. They dated online for three months before finally meeting in the flesh. To cement their relationship, they decided to fuse themselves together in a series of pictures, helped by a little computer wizardry. 

5. Nothing Says Love Like Google Maps

Googler Michael Weiss-Malik worked with the Google Street View team to coordinate a line up of Google staff to help him with his Proposal 2.0. The world can view his very romantic and public proposal on Google Maps.

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