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iTunes Wherever You Are

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David Silversmith
David Silversmith

There are many web sites that will allow you to listen to music over the Internet. However, you already have all the music you want on iTunes and now with new services you can access to your iTunes music library across the Internet.

Imagine that you have a great music collection in your iTunes library at home and you want to carry it with you everywhere you go.  While the storage capacity continues to grow on iPods and other MP3 players, those devices still have a storage limitation and also require that you always have the device with you.  Services like blueTunes and pulpTunes were created to give you access to your favorite music in a simple, fast, and secure way. Now you can be at work, at a hotel or at a friend's party and you can log into these sites and get your music right away.

The blueTunes approach is to upload all your songs to the blueTunes web site. Sign up for a free account and easily upload all of your music to blueTunes in a matter of seconds. With blueTunes you’ll never have to worry about backing up your music again as blueTunes scans your hard drive for music files and uploads them to the site’s servers.  The site only makes you upload songs that aren’t already in its database so unless you’ve got an unusual collection you’ll be able to transfer your library to blueTunes very quickly.  Now you will be able to login to blueTunes and play your music from work, home, school, or wherever you are.  Share your music on Facebook, your blog, or your website with the blueTunes sharing features. Create playlists that you can share with a single friend or the Internet world.

BlueTunes does it all – from playing your music on any PC, to the secure feeling of backing up your music to posting your playlists on your blog or website.  But not all of blueTunes is free.  You can upload your first 100 songs to blueTunes for absolutely nothing and after that it’s 1 cent (USD) per song. They pride themselves on the simplicty of the design and and every part of the user experience is quite intuitive and simple to use.

PulpTunes takes a very different approach than blueNotes.  PulpTunes does not upload anything, which means it does not provide any backup services and instead it sets up your computer to stream your music over the Internet. The basic premise is to setup your iTunes as a web server that you can access from any other computer on the Internet (so long as you remember to leave your home computer on).  After pulpTunes has started, a orange icon will appear in your tray and you'll be given your machine's IP address.  To access your music from outside your home network, you'll just point any browser to that IP address.  If you do not want everyone to be able to access it, which is a best practice,then you can setup an admin user name and password to restrict access.  This is a key weakness for pulpTunes - the security should be the default, but instead they require you to enable it. 

Whether you use pulpTunes or blueTunes you will be able to get increased value from your iTunes collection by listening to your music wherever you are on the Internet.

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