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iTwitterPhone - Twitter and iPhone Unite

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David Silversmith
David Silversmith

Every day it seems like there is a new development with Twitter.  Almost every hour is seems like a new iPhone application is released.  Thus it should be no surprise that iPhone applications for Twitter are on the loose!   The challenge is figuring out which applications are worth paying for, which one are over-hyped and which ones are just a plain waste of time and space.  Check out the details to see 7 apps that are worthy of your attention.

The simplicty of Twitter - Best Twitter Clients
If you have an iPhone and you use Twitter than this is the one application you should not be without.  Tweetie recreates the simplicty and pwoer of Twitter on the iPhone for a mere $2.99 USD.  Tweetie is a fast and full featured Twitter client for both the iPhone and the iPod Touch.  Listing the features would be silly because it is literally a list of anything you can do on the web version of Twitter. 

Now if you don't want to pay for a Twitter client, get Twitterfon.  TwitterFon is focused on the Twitter tasks that take up 80% of your Twitter time such as check friends/replies timeline, check direct messages, send a reply and/or a direct message, and search. Like Tweetie it has very clean user interface with fast response and scrolling. I prefer Tweetie, but before you spend the money you should check out Twitterfon as it may be all you want!

Social Applications of the World Unite

Nambu Touch for the iPhone is an applicatin that delivers Twitter, FriendFeed and data all rolled into one on your iPhone.  If you are enjoying social media but getting tired of checking all your applications, then Nambu could be the one for you.  It started off at $1.99 USD but is not priced even better at FREE! Great Twitter support with timelines, mentions, direct messages and simple retweet. Plus great FriendFeed support with likes and comments. 
A similar application that supports a different collection of social media application is Ziibii - a river of friends, photos and feeds.  Pick Ziibii for the combination of the iPhone with Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter and RSS feeds.  I love the interface - literally it combines all this information in a river/timeline that flows across your iPhone screen.  Another free application that is great - especially if you want to combine Twitter and Facebook feeds into one iPhone application.
Search for the trends - whats being retweeted
The art of “retweeting” is best described as taking a twitter message someone else has posted, and rebroadcasting that same message to your followers. When broadcasting this message, you should give credit to the original poster. ReTweet is, like both Twitter and the iPhone, a simple and easy to use application to help you find trends. It does one thing and it does it very well - it looks for trends by finding the most popular retweets over the past 30 minutes, 3, 12, or 24 hours. 
Lights, iPhone Camera and Twitter!
If you use and abuse the iPhone camera than Gyazickr could be the application could be for you (extra credit if you can pronounce or even spell it right two times in a row).  It is truly a one hit wonder - Pick a photo and write the caption, then twitter! That's it - that is all it does.  If you Like to twitter your iPhone photos - this free application is for you.  If not, you will find zero value as it truly is the classic one hit wonder application.
All I wanta do is Update
If you're like the author of this application and you get your twitter updates on the go via SMS, but you have to pay to send SMS back to Twitter - then you should get JustUpdate. The name says it all.  It gives you a field to type in your update and it saves your text until it knows that the update has reached Twitter (in case you are in a dead zone or you get the Twitter fail whale).  If you want to update Twitter - not search, not send photos - just update Twitter, than you will love JustUpdate.
There are more applications being released every day, so if you don't find an application that matches you style keep checking out the Apple Store because tomorrow will be filled with new combos for the iPhone and Twitter.


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