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Scott Newman
Scott Newman

Have you ever wondered who exactly your favourite band is? What other bands and artists might you like that make similar music? Where can I meet people who like the songs that you listen to? Welcome to! is by far and wide one of my favourite music social networking sites. It is very easy to setup an account and maintain. All you need is iTunes, winamp or windows media player installed on your computer, then download the player/scrobbler. What this unique piece of software does is track all of the songs that you listen to and puts the history on your profile page. You can also track scrobbled music from other websites like There is also an iPhone app (for some countries) and developments for Android phones.

If you own an iPod then you can also download software so that it stores the history of your plays so that you can upload it to your profile when you dock, sync or charge your iPod. It can also help to create your account quickly as you can use your current song history as a starting point.

There is a large community of music lovers across the world that all have profiles. It is the perfect way to determine who you actually listen to the most. What music you truly like. It is really great to meet people who have close music tastes as you can discover more bands through association with other music lovers. You can get in contact with them as you are given a mailbox on your profile or you can write messages on user's pages as well.

The events section is very useful for checking out gigs of your favourite bands and artists. I have found that even very small, intimate or private gigs are listed on the site which is very useful. Also there is a journal section that you can use for writing concert reviews or recommendations to other users.

The Neighbours section is one of the true benefits to the website as it allows you to network with other users based on the popularity of your favourite songs and artists. You can browse through and hear/see what other people are listening to by using the radio section. This is one of the best advantages of this music networking technology.

There is also a group area where you can join up with other users to share with and write on the community board. This is a perfect way to exchange information about music.

Overall, this is the best website that I have seen that handles scrobbling of music and can help you to form a playlist of the music that you love. This is especially useful if you have a rather large music collection and you ask yourself "what do I want to listen to that I haven't heard in a while?"

Check it out for yourself here

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