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The Loo and Other Things You Should Not Tweet

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David Silversmith
David Silversmith

Okay Twitter is popular.  Tweeting can be fun.  But is there no sense of privacy; no sense of decorum?  Check out this list of the most bizarre Twitter Applications.

Anytime you gather a list you have to consider how to rank the least.  Best to worst; worst to best or just random.  In this case, since it is so hard to figure our what "best" means, this list is just a random list of the 5 Twitter applications that make you wonder.

Twitterloo - TwitterLoo helps you post some toilet humor by telling the world what you've just done in the cubicle in just 3 simple steps. Select a variety of disgusting clip-arts of what "big business" you've just done on the throne. Some of the funny ones includes "A Sticky", "A Veggie" and "A Neverending Story". Next, choose the place where you've done your daily routine. For example, at home, at work, in the street, in my pants (LOL), somewhere secret and the list goes on. Last but not least, punch in your Twitter credentials and a description will then be posted to your profile with a link.

SwearJarr - The concept of a swear jar is simple. If you swear, you owe money to the swear jar. you know you should not use foul language on Twitter, but you do anyway.  You can't stop. In the "offline" world many companies, organizations and families use swear jars to help clean up the mouths of their respective members. SwearJarr applies this concept to the world of Twitter, and donates it's proceeds to charitable organizations. The research shows that this is needed as on average there are literally 4 to 7 tweets per second that contain swear words being posted on Twitter. That equals an average of 475,200 swearing tweets per day.

Post Like A Pirate - post your Twitter updates directly here and it will get translated to pirate speak.  Yes, if your 140 characters are just too boring - you can have them made pirate-like.

LaundryRoom- Okay, so this is not an application - just a Twitter account that represents a laundry room at Olin College that has two washers, two dryers, and a condom dispenser.  Anytime a washer or dryer is available, a Tweet is automatically sent out to the local residents following the Laundryroom account. Not only is this pretty neat, but it also improves the overall efficiency of the Laundromat.  Though - no tweets are sent out when the condom dispenser is running low.

Botanicalls - This application opens a new channel of communication between plants and humans, in an effort to promote successful inter-species understanding. Plants that might otherwise be neglected are given the ability to call and text message people to request assistance. When your plant needs water, it will post to let you know, and send its thanks when you show it love.  This begs the question, "if you really need this, are you responsible enough to even own a plant?"

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