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Party On with Online Invitations

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David Silversmith
David Silversmith

We talk online, we watch TV online, we read newspapers and books online, we write letters online.  And now, if several new services succeed, we'll drive another coffin into the casket of the Post and send our wedding invites online.

Sending invitations online is nothing new. Evite first launched nearly ten years ago and there are a ton of Internet services with some type of invitation services including: Socializr, Pingg, Someecards, Cocodot and the social media general sites MySpace and Facebook.

But none of the invitations from these sites capture the quality of fine stationery. Until now that is. Two services, MyPunchBowl and Paperless Post, are in pre-launch ready to return us to the days when everyone communicated using paper and ink.  When correspondence was a craft: personal, and intentional.

At Paperless Post, which is in beta, they are seeking to redefine the tradition of paper stationery so that people can send custom, personalized invitations and announcements with the same thought and care as previous generations, but the way we communicate today: online.  Paperless Post enables users to design, send and track e-vites and other social announcements on the Web while maintaining easy correctness and a life’s-a-party air reminiscent of old-fashioned mailings. The economic climate “definitely put the wind in our sails,” said one of the founders, “People say they would rather save $2,000 by not getting printed invitations, and invite four more friends to their wedding.”

MyPunchbowl, a complete party planning site, is getting ready to unveil a new Digital Invitation Studio that will help you create online invites and e-cards that look and feel like you created customized stationery from a store. While the start-up hasn’t officially opened the site, there is a special preview site. MyPunchbowl Digital Invitation Studio will offer hundreds of stylish and modern invitations and save the dates, each with companion customizable envelopes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. You can add envelope liners, customized postage stamps, and personal photos. The result is a sleek custom online invitation with a matching envelope that replicates the act of opening a traditional paper invitation.

The two services are taking very different approaches regarding money.  Paperless Post is a paid service, that is not supported by advertisers so your invitations will always remain personal and free of pop-ups and ads.  MyPunchBowl is a free service and while the ad recipients may not be bombarded with ads - the invitation creators are given plenty of chances to hear from party planning services (all US based to boot). 

So throw out your calligraphy pens, and no matter how fancy the event, look online to spread the news.  Oh, and in case you feel embarrassed going online, just tell folks its not about money and instead its just another way to be environmentally friendly.  So many benefits with these services!

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