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Robot Bears and Brides

David Silversmith
David Silversmith

Fujitsu has shown a robotic teddy bear with over 300 different reactions like giggling when it’s stomach is rubbed. But not to be outdone, a Japanese couple get married by a robot!

The Fujitsu robotic teddy bear is a far cry from the TrueCompanion - The World’s First Sex Robot Doll - but each are very similar in the technology behind the robot. Although, the exterior skin or shell is obviously quite different between the TrueCompanion and the Fujitsu teddy bear!

Beneath the fur of this cute little Robot, the Fujitsu engineers have worked hard to give life to this robot.  It has 13 sensors across it body and is programmed for 300 behaviors that allow it to interact with is surrounding. The robot is being designed to motivate children and potentially also help stimulate the elderly (much like the Wii has been used at many nursing facilities).

The robot will be capable or response, so if you smile, the robot will smile back at you. The teddy bear robot will be able to track movement thanks to a camera mounted in its nose that helps it respond to your facial expressions. The robot can also nod, shake it’s head, sleep and even snore.

Ultimately Fujitsu is working to extend this teddy bear robot's capabilities by connecting it to a network and providing vital information on the people it is supposed to entertain.  So, if anything goes wrong, it could be programmed to call for immediate assistance as needed.

This is a prototype, no release date or pricing is available yet.  Much like the new of the TrueCompanion sex robot, this is another example of the early stages of a new robot technology.  

Click through for a video of the teddy bear in action. You'll see that a robot trying to be a teddy bear appears to offer more realism than a robot trying to imitate a person. 

Meanwhile, Satoko Inoue and Tomohiro Shibata decided to employ a robot called i-Fairy to marry them. The robot presided over the marriage without problems, as you can see in the video below. Hopefully, by the time they have kids - the robot teddy bear will be ready! 

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