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Secure Your Social Media

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David Silversmith
David Silversmith

With MySpace laying off hundreds of employees around the world - including two-thirds of its non-US workforce, you have to wonder what the future holds for social media sites.  More importantly if you "live" on MySpace or Facebook, what are you going to do if these sites go offline? 

If you are a social media addict, then you should consider some of all of these tools to help secure your photos, email, address lists and whatever else you have on MySpace, Facebook, Bebo and beyond. Or maybe you are not a huge Facebook user, but you have found a bunch of old friends - and all their contact information is only on Facebook.

No web site is perfect; any of us could have our Facebook account hacked, deleted or simply lost (the founder of Facebook had his account hacked!) Consider how painful it is when you forget to save a file and something goes wrong.  Now multiple that to the sickening feeling you would get it you lost all your friends on Facebook.  Can you name them all without looking? What about those photos you uploaded directly to Facebook from your cell phone, are they anywhere else?

Now you can manually keep track - make sure that you have a local copy of every uploaded photo; make sure you have a local copy of every person/email you located and repeat the process for every aspect of the social media sites you use.  Or, for a little bit of time or money, you can ensure that your social media site is downloaded and protected.

SocialSafe is a commerical application, but there is a introductory pricing of just $2.00 USD.  For that fee you can back up your Facebook friends, profile information and photo albums. If something were to happen to your Facebook account, you could start over again much more easily. SocialSafe is easy to install and use-in just a few clicks, you’ll have your Facebook account backed up.You can also browse your photo albums and other information offline.

The photo backup feature offers another potential value in that it is useful if you often post photos to Facebook from your cell phone, you can now get a backup copy of those digital images. While there are other apps that allow you to back up your friend’s list, there isn’t anything else besides SocialSafe that offers to back up your profile information and photos as well. 

The Social Safe developers hope to add other social networks to the mix.  However, in the interim you will have to look at some of these effective but less polished application.  To capture all your MySpace messags check out  How to Save/Backup MySpace Messages onto your Computer.  To capture most of your Facebook photos without having to pay a fee, check out Get my tagged pictures.

Even if you never need the full backup capabilities offered by these application, being able to download all of your photo albums with just one click is a valuable feature. Should one of your accounts ever get hacked or suspended for any reason, your information will still be available on your hard drive.  Or, if any of these sites start to have maintenace issues (similar to Twitter) you'll be able to access all your date even if the social media site is offline.

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