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Stickybits - Barcode Your Life

David Silversmith
David Silversmith

The Internet has made people more social and now Stickybits wants to make objects part of the social media world. This startup adds a social layer to barcodes that can be found on millions of objects.

Stickybits has created iPhone and Android smartphone apps which allow yout to scan barcodes, read and watch media related to that barcode, plus upload their own messages. These barcode messages can be a barcode that you find on everyday supermarket items (like a box of cereal or a pair of jeans) or it can be a unique barcode, generated by the Stickybits site, for your use on a specific object.

The messages you leave can be in almost any format: leave a video, a written note, an audio clip or a photo of you using the object! The barcode messages are there to be viewed by anyone who scans that barcode. So a scan of a can of coke would show anybody who has ever Stickybit that UPC code which is on billions of cans. However, imagine that years from now you buy a used book that has a Stickybits unique barcode and you could potentially see reviews of the book by the specific people who read your copy of the book or maybe videos of where they read they book. The messages are also geotagged so you can see where the objects have been and potentially where they go after you use them.

If you are looking for ideas, just visit the StickyWiki for ideas. Everybody is encouraged to share ideas and vote on the best ideas. For example, one recent idea was "Place stickybits at public tourist sites and allow people to leave their photo or a video in a virtual sign-in book."  One user has even put the unique Stickybits barcode on his blog. Stickybits also lets you connect to other social networks and send your barcoded messages to your Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare accounts.

 From their site you can download unique Stickybit barcodes that you can glue, iron, stick, print, or tattoo onto the real world.  They also offer a paid service to get special vinyl barcodes printed and sent to you. This way you can stick them to objects in public places and they will hopefully stay there a while - hopefully you will only stick them on surfaces that you own, especially when you use these super sticky stickers!

Stickybits just closed a $300,000 USD seed round from Polaris Venture Partners and Mitch Kapor.  So it looks like the might have some money to burn to see if Stickybits can be the next social media fad.

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