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Swine Flu Vaccine Conspiracy

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Dallas Boyd
Dallas Boyd

Rumour has it that Swine Flu was created and set upon us purposely. The Vaccine was filed 7 months before the first cases were ever reported and was officially patented one month before Swine Flu appeared in Mexico. I read this on the internet, so it must be true.

As the end of our first decade into the new Millennium draws closer, it is becoming increasingly apparent that terrorism will be the theme of our generation. We’re not Cold War kids anymore, we’re not Baby Boomers, we’re no longer leaning anxiously over the wireless worrying about the Cuban Missile Crisis. Our battles are no longer centralized around Great Walls, Iron Curtains, or divisions of theology. If Bio-Terrorism is indeed the hip new technology being used by certain secret somebody’s trying to (seriously) take over the world, then we’re going to have to get smarter as individuals and think outside the box a little. 
I haven’t been taking Swine Flu seriously at all. I think there are probably much worse, more threatening things happening in the world around us. When I see people wearing facemasks I am reminded of sheep - fearful people who will believe and do anything without thinking for themselves. (No offence to sheep). Unless you are actually sick, then facemasks don’t achieve anything - except for potentially increasing your chances of getting sick, as the masks create warm, moist conditions around your face, which are ideal conditions for these germs. However I know someone who’s cousin apparently died of Swine Flu, so I feel obliged to be a little more sensitive… dammit!
So what’s the guts with this conspiracy theory? 
Firstly, consider the composition of the Swine Flu Virus, which apparently contains genetic material from pigs, birds, and humans. Scientists have never seen such a combination, which leads them to believe it was designed in a lab. Check out this You Tube video
The Austrian journalist, Jane Bürgermeister, has filed bioterrorism charges against pharmaceutical giants Novartis International AG, Baxter AG, and its parent company, Baxter International (the company which apparently sent the Bird Flu virus to Europe by accident). She has also filed criminal charges with the F.B.I. against the World Health Organization, the United Nations, Barack Obama, the Rockefellers and Rothschild. Google "Rockefellor" and "Rothschild" and you’ll get lost in pages upon pages of info containing exciting words like “Secret Govt” “Shadow Government” “Hidden Masters” “Iluminati” “Conspiracy” “New World Order” … etc. In a nutshell, I figure that they have - in the words of Forrest Gump - “more money than Davy Crocket.” And more power too. I like Obama and want to believe he‘s one of the good guys so out of bias, I’m willing to overlook the mention of his name. 
Back to the conspiracy stuff. Jane writes… 
Jane lost her job as a European correspondent of the Renewable Energy World website after she filed this with the FBI. Possibly because she’s a fruit loop. Possibly because she’s not. However she is being openly supported by Wayne Madsen, a former US Naval Intelligence officer who is currently working as an investigative journalist. He adds a United Nations scientist states the evidence suggests this flu has been genetically-manufactured as a military biological warfare weapon… apparently just like Ebola and HIV/AIDS, which he adds were also designed as biological warfare agents. 
Jane says the World Health Organization, controlled by Rothschild/Rockefeller, was of course quick to declare a pandemic. With the virus being put on the fast-track, drug trials are reportedly being skipped, and Obama has signed a document to ensure drug companies are given immunity from prosecution should the vaccine cause death or injury. 
So... what do you think? Would you put your hand up for a vaccination?

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