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ToneCheck: Keep Your Foot Out of Your E-Mouth

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David Silversmith
David Silversmith

When was the last time you interpreted an e-mail the wrong way or had somebody misinterpret a message you sent?  Well, with ToneCheck you now have a way to make email better.

You might be the best writer and the most diplomatic person around but the fact remains that people can and do misinterpret what others write. Picking the right words to use in an email is never easy and the chances of you writing something that somebody reads negatively are real. ToneCheck ensures your tone is clearly communicated and understood before you hit the send button.

It evaluates words and phrases for the intensity of 8 primary emotions, allowing you to make corrections and adjust the overall tone before you send the wrong message. Tone Checker, spotlights content that might express an emotion or a tone that is entirely removed from what you intended to convey. For example, if you have chosen a word like “annoying” or “upsetting” it will highlight it so that you can pick a better option such as “concerning”.

In essence, ToneCheck does for the emotional side of email what a spellchecker does for correct spelling. Both services highlight content that is at fault. Few people hesitate to use a spell checker and for that reason ToneCheck has a bright future.

ToneCheck, while in beta, is feature rich with tools like an automated flagging device that notifies you upon pressing "send" when an e-mail falls outside your acceptable tone tolerance. You can then decide to adjust or ignore and deal with the possible repercussions.

Lymbix, the maker of ToneCheck, is more than a oneproduct company. They've designed a suite of enterprise and social solutions built on their unique ability to precisely determine the “tone” in text-based communication.  TweetTone will filter the emotional noise on Twitter. ToneAPI allows other companies to tap into the tools that Lymix has created, integrating the tone check into their own products. ToneFilter, which is just a coming attraction at the moment, will allow an organization to monitor and control communication in and out of an organization to make sure that employees are not sending inappropriate communications.  This will certainly raise "big brother" images, but for organizations looking to protect their reputation - they may well like the big brother analogy.

For now ToneCheck only works on Microsoft Outlook. If that is your email client, than by all means check out this new free today to begin experiencing how emotionally intense words and sentences can affect the overall tone of your email.

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