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Twitter - You Must Unfollow Slowly

David Silversmith
David Silversmith

Many social media users are getting tired of living with too many followers and friends.  We've seen Facebook face down services that make it easy to quit and Twitter is following their lead. 

ManageTwitter is an application which helps a Twitter user to cleanup and manages the users who they follow. Users can check which of their followers are inactive; which of the people whom they follow don't follow them in return and much more. Managetwitter reports that it has removed 6 Million followers for more than 35,000 users.

However, their future is in danger as ManageTwitter received the following message from Twitter:

We're writing to let you know that your application, ManageTwitter, breaks our Automation Rules and Best Practices ( Specifically, it facilitates bulk  automated user unfollowing, which is not allowed. It's best for both our users and your users if your application follows the rules, so please make the necessary changes, such as removing the "Select All" option (and requiring users to decide on each user individually) to bring your application into compliance.

If you are unfamiliar with ManageTwitter, check out this brief video tutorial to see how the unfollowing works and decide for yourself if Twitter is reacting properly or overly reacting. and their fans claim that the service enhances theTwitter user experience. Over time the average Twitter account gets bloated with accounts that you follow becoming inactive, accounts that you thought would be interesting become stale and accounts that you followed begin cluttering your stream.  Managetwitter claims that by assisting users in the cleanup process, the result is that the user will engage more with their Twitter account focused on that which matter to them most. 

ManageTwitter is fighting back, using Twitter itself as the forum with this campaign: "If you are a user of and you would like's service to continue, please retweet this tweet, or use the tag #savemanagetwitter in a message. 

The fight is only just starting and no word on whether Twitter has other sites, like Untweeps, SocialOomph, Flashtweet, on their list of targeted sites. Twitter has their terms and conditions on their side, ManageTwitter is hoping that they can rally support - but Twitter has all the power in this relationship.

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