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Twitter Your Links in Style!

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David Silversmith
David Silversmith

 Twitter and other social media sites have made URL shortening all the rage.  While long URLs are great for search engines, social media favors nice and short URLs – but they are also so boring.  So we’ll look at great ways to liven up the links you send your friends and co-workers.

Let’s first talk about URL shortening.  When you only have 140 characters, you can’ twitter about the great Voxy article at  So along came sites like that could turn that long URL into  However that link would have so much more potential with these great tools. 

DickensURL has been created to convert long URLs into wonderful works by Charles Dickens. Just enter an ugly URL and hit the convert button. Soon you will be faced with beautiful words of Charles Dickens.

Original -
Dickens -

Freaking Huge URL Generator is another favorite.  When you want to show somebody you have been working hard - create a Huge URL.  Just enter your moderately long URL then choose from Huge, Freakin' Huge or Holy ****.  My testing shows you can increase your URL from a tiny URL to around 200 to 2200 characters!  With that in mind, you'll have to test it out yourself.

SoCuteURL keeps your URL reasonably short while also making it cute.  For example, I converted to the much cuter   I think this will grab way more attention than your boring tinyurl. actually will create some of the shortest URLS possible. Unfortunately, they look so weird that they’ll probably scare most people you send them to. This one is really only to send to your geek friends who would know what Unicode is. I converted to델

Bac’n Me is for your friends with who just can't get enough bacon. You can convert the boring to is a free URL shortinizer service that takes credit for creating the word "shortinizer" and claims to have "all the features which any respectable URL shortinizer service has."  But the cool feature is that you can define the link to work for one click, one day, one week, one month, one year or forever.  So for those folks who never read your email in a timely fashion - you can start the timer ticking.

If you really just need to shorten your URL, at least have some fun and use Moourl.  I entered and they replied “Viola, we milked your URL for you” to

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