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Update ALL Your Social Networks

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David Silversmith
David Silversmith

Managing your multiple social media accounts can be a time consuming when you use multiple sites. However, several startups aim to help you publish to multiple sites in just a snap.

If you just use Twitter, or just use Facebook or just use one of the dozens of social media sites than managing your social media is pretty easy.  However, if you are a social media addict or use it for your business then you are probably drowning as you try and manage a myriad of logins and interfaces.  However, several new tools like, Hellotxt and the beta GoGoStat Sync are ready to help make your social media life easier is a simple and free service that wants to make it a snap to update your social networks. has more than half a million users who post to social media sites just by sending an email, a text message or chat to  more than 40 social networks including Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Ning, WordPress, Plurk, Yammer and many more.  Earlier this year they were acquired by Seesmic which has focused on an interface for Twitter.  The integration of Seesmic and will mean access to all these networks from a wide range of platforms - the Seesmic Desktop (Adobe Air for Windows, OSX and Linux), Web, Android, Blackberry and Seesmic for Windows.

Hellotxt makes it easy to post text and media to separate accounts on multiple social networks and publishing platforms. One of Hellotxt's features (which is being adopted by most services) is the use of tagging which allows you to set your own keywords that act as identifiers for grouping updates to specific social networks. For example, you can enter a keyword that says work and define work as your Ning, Facebook and Twitter accounts. By starting you next update with #work in the status box, that message would only go to your Ning, Facebook and Twitter accounts. This is a great feature if you use social media for different purposes.

One of the newest entrants is GoGoStat Sync which is a startup spearheaded by a number of ex-Microsoft employees.  GoGoStat wants to make it easier to determine when and where to post information with its automated filtering and context-based settings. With automated filtering, a user could take a Twitter status update and have GoGoStat automatically update their Facebook profile with it, or vice versa.  Users can set their own pre-defined rules for how to share posts between social media sites.  The GoGoStat filtering can also apply context sensitive rules that allow users to define interactions based on how they feel, where they are located, or what they are doing. For example if you are on vacation, at a sporting event or use keywords that express a certain mood how your posting will be shared will vary.  Though - GoGoStat is still in beta so be careful or something you think is fun could accidentally make its way to your work related social media sites!

These are just three of a growing list of social media management sites.  You should choose wisely as the setup for any of these services involves inputting all your account information - a tedious task you don't want to repeat.  However, there is no clear leader yet; many services either have or may be acquired and most are still building a way to monetize their product. Thus you might easily find that the first social management software you select may not be the last one you ever use.

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