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Utterly Useless Twitter Applications

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David Silversmith
David Silversmith

Twitter is one of the fastest growing fads to ever hit the world - and it truly has spread around the world.  As these seven unlucky applications will prove - that does not mean that the world has responded with useful additions to Twitter.

1. Twitual
Twitual is a Twitter app that helps you analyze tweeps who follow you (Followers), tweeps followed by you (friends), tweeps who are both friends and followers of you (mutual), tweeps who follow, but you don’t follow back (fans), and tweeps who you follow, but who don’t follow back (idols). You sust enter your Twitter username, no password required, and let Twitual analyze your Twitter account.

2. TimeTweets
The TimeTweets web site focuses on bringing the saying "time flies when you are tweeting" to reality.  It is nothing more than a digital clock where the hour, minute and second numbers each feature a tweet that just occured from somewhere around the world.  Literally as time flies you can read a new tweet each second.

3. TwitterSheep
TwitterSheep is a simple Twitter tool that can give you an insight about your twitter followers. You enter your name and TwitterSheep profiles your followers based on the ‘tags’ in their bios and generates a colorful tag cloud that gives a quick overview of your followers interests - or as they call it, your Twitter flock.

4. Tweleted
Tweleted allows you to recover Twitter messages after they've been deleted. Even though you can delete a message from Twitter, if that message has already been picked up by other Twitter sites than you really can't deleted the tweet..  Twitter support wrote about this issue here.  Tweleted works by automatically comparing the results from the main Twitter API with those from; anything that appears in the latter but not in the former is likely to have been deleted.

5. SayTweet
SayTweet lets you create a Twitter badge that shows your updates on a picture. Upload a picture and then tag some Twitter users in that picture to make it look like the folks in your photos are saying their tweets as part of the image.

6. TWTish
TWTish lets you track people who are watching a specific TV Show so that you can find someone to have a talk with on your favorite TV Show.  Why I am I reminded of William Shatner on Satuday Night Live yelling at Star Trek fans to get a life, get out the house more often.....

7. Twtpets
Twtpets is a twitter game for pet lovers. To play the game, enter your pet's name, upload a picture, and add a description of the image. Then you let your pet do battle against other Twitter user's pets. It's a one on one battle with random images displayed for your pet's competitor. You can refresh your browser and your pet does battle with a new victim. 

Twtapps, the maker of Twtpets, has a whole site full of Twitter Apps - some are almost useful like Twtpoll which is a feedback tool to create and share polls on Twitter and Twtvite which is an event manager to create and organize tweetups.  So - if you look, you can find some Twitter applications that are almost useful!


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