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Video Game Nostalgia

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David Silversmith
David Silversmith

While the high definition available on new video games is pretty impressive, it appears that many folks have nostalgic feelings for the video game action that they grew up with.  They say you never forget you first video game love and a number of Internet sites are helping to ensure that you can return to those days of yesteryear.

One of the best sites is Remain in Play where the goal is to catalog all the commercial games that have been turned into freeware games by their copyright owner.   Rather than include any free games from past, they only archive games that were once commercial products and released again as freeware.  So instead of finding games that weren't all that great when they were released free, you'll find games that where well worth playing in their day. The archives at RemainInPlay dip back well into the 1980s to help you enjoy a little retro-DOS gaming fun. allows you to play your favorite classic Nintendo Entertainment System games online for free - though it usually takes a few minutes to get the hang of the controls using your keyboard. Unlike other sites, is able to provide you classic NES games without trampling copyright laws. They can only provide you with classic NES games that they have at their offices, which they have either been bought out of pocket or had donated to them by "players Like You."  When you play the game you are essentially using their emulation software and playing the game on their servers.  So, as long as they have a copy of the game in their  possession, you can play then online without violating any copyright issues. Unlike some of the issues that have plagues online music, this protects VirtualNES from threats of litigation, and protects the users from (wrongly) being hunted down for violating copyrights. 

You can save and load your games just like you could on the actual NES. But you should note that it works with pasting long codes and context menus are unavailable inside vNES. To copy, hold down the Control (Ctrl) key on your keyboard and press C. To paste, hold down the Control (Ctrl) key on your keyboard and press V. To select all text, hold down the Control (Ctrl) key on your keyboard and press A.

Another great site is PlayNes where you can find many old Nintendo games online. is an online NES (Nintendo entertainment system) emulator for which you do not need to provide the games. You can play over 800 of your favorite original games for free!   Not only can you save your games, but they also offer save states where you can play the game that somebody else saved. For instance you could play Zelda with 99% completion so you can go and do as you please in the game.  This has allowed me to finally see levels of certain games that I never achieved when I originally owned and played the games more than 15 years ago!  In this regard, PlayNes makes the games even better than when you originally owned and struggled with them!

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