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You've Tweeted, You've Dugg - But are you Ready to Blerp?

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David Silversmith
David Silversmith

Do you remember the first time you heard the work "tweet" and it didn't refer to a bird? Or where you were when you first dugg - without so much as a shovel?  Well after reading this maybe you will explore Blerp and join the next wave of social media. 

Blerp, pronounced blûrp, is being defined as a verb that means to post a comment, video or photo on a website.  I was one of the the early alpha testers and I've been intrigued by what I've seen so far. 

What is Blerp?
So before you blerp - we probably should tell you what the heck it really means. is based on the concept that lots of discussions are taking place about websites.  However, you have to search the web and find those discussions.  Take for example, it's focused on specific stories - but without much focus that, for example, nine of those stories are all about the same website.

Blerp allows you to start discussions right on top of your favorite websites.  Unlike typical web comments, you are in full control. You can post on any webpage you choose, regardless of whether or not that site permits feedback.  Blerp transforms the entire Web into one giant forum where everyone can participate. Getting started is as easy as adding a comment, video or photo to a webpage.  You can also share your blerps with your friends. In this way, blerping becomes a social experience, where you can track what your friends are saying all across the web, and they can follow your conversations and join in at any time.

Your blerping options are comprehensive - leave text notes, attach videos, link to maps, setup quizzes, rate the site, make a crystal ball prediction about the site.  A blerp comment is not limited to text - it's really only limited by your imagination.  A key to is that your comments are not private comments - this is a social media site so all other Blerp users can see and add to your comments.  They can add their own comments.  They can vote on your quiz.

Blerp is owned by RocketOn and their motto is "layer the web!" which you can now see in action with Blerp.  RocketOn wanst to and give everyone a voice on every website - adding a whole new dimension to the Internet. Layers are created by users on top of existing websites, and users control these layers, determining their content, context and placement.

Join the conversation
Try it out yourself.  It can be fun to be in the alpha as new software launches - your ideas often get heard and you help shape the development.   Remember alpha means you will find bugs and surprises - I have found a few myself.

There are similar services like Fleck and Diigo and both have been around for quite a while but haven’t been able to achieve significant growth.  Blerp, Fleck and Diigo all are facing the same challenge - they can succeed if they get large volumes of traffic but until they get large volumes of traffic the sites aren't that exciting.

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