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18 December 2008


As a Video Game Writer and Film Critic Adrian Hatwell spends most of his time avoiding direct contact with other humans. When forced to play with others, however, he's usually pretty friendly.


  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii: The Fine Art of Doing it All Over Again

    Rumblings in the distant future aside, New Super Mario Bros. Wii was about the only first-party Nintendo title on display at this year’s E3 event that had much of the traditional audience interested. For that stalwart gaggle known as the hardcore it had been a dry season on the Nintendo front, and the bright 2D side-scroller just oozed their particular old-school musk. To the casual onlooker, however, the title looked pretty darn similar to the games coming out a few decades ago.

  • Modern Warfare 2: No Russian, Mo' Problems

    Just before the game dropped I provided a brief overview of the myriad controversies that dogged the launch of Activision’s Modern Warfare 2.

  • Hate and War: the Many Controversies of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

    Activision’s highly anticipated Modern Warefare 2 ships tomorrow, which should make for some very happy gamers, the original is held as one of the finest examples of the FPS genre.

  • Take Up Arms with WETA Workshop

    Promoting the launch of Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time for the PlayStation 3, Sony Computer Entertainment New Zealand and WETA are offering one l

  • Go Make Games: Sidhe

    If you’ve set your mind on making games and endured the necessary training then your next step in the pursuit of game development fortune and glory will be, with luck, work at a game studio.

  • Grow a Mo, Get Immortalised In-Game

    There’s nothing quite like a charity event that panders to the yobbo instinct of making yourself vaguely horrible-looking.

  • First Look: The Ballad of Gay Tony

    This October, Rockstar Games will be releasing their second downloadable episode for Grand Theft Auto IV, The Ballad of Gay Tony.

  • First Look: Red Dead Redemption

     The good folk at Rockstar Sydney were recently kind enough to traverse the ditch and show off some of Rockstar’s upcoming wares. The games on display included the new GTA IV episode, Ballad of Gay Tony, the PSP port of Chinatown Wars, and a music venture with superstar producer Timbaland entitled Beaterator. I’ll get to each of those soon, but first I thought it fitting to start with the title that impressed the most: Red Dead Redemption.

  • Wii Sports Resort Review

    Nintendo launch their detection-enhancing peripheral MotionPlus with a second smorgasbord of sporty shenanigans in Wii Sports Resort. Like its predecessor, the Resort offers an array of simple exercises that show of the Wiimotes new abilities to an addictive degree.  

  • Go Make Games: Media Design School

    Getting into the Video Game Industry is no easy feat, it is true the market grows bigger by the day but with that growth comes demand for ever more specialised employees. Sometimes ambition alone isn’t enough to carry you. Luckily we in New Zealand have our very own world-class training facility to give would-be game developers the very best start to their career.