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Adrian Hatwell

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18 December 2008


As a Video Game Writer and Film Critic Adrian Hatwell spends most of his time avoiding direct contact with other humans. When forced to play with others, however, he's usually pretty friendly.


  • A Brief History of Gaming Sexual Failures part 4

    It was the millennium, gamers were aging, video games growing more sophisticated, and sex was, well, still very much taboo. The same old digital mores continued to hold, despite demand for more mature games growing.

    Of course, as in any regulatory situation, the hypocrisy ran deep. While, for example, an examination of sexual interaction between mature characters exploring themes of human experience was strictly off limits, having every female character in the game show more cleavage than common sense was basically mandatory. Suggested sex would sell, actual sex would doom us all to an amoral purgatory. It was that ambivalent line that Fear Effect 2 attempted to straddle.

  • A Brief History of Gaming Sexual Failures part 3

    With the anarchic early days of video games passed the industry was reinvented around a staunchly kid-friendly model. But as the years rolled on and the early generations of gamers came of age less family-friendly elements slowly seeped into video games. While a hearty amount of violence soon became almost compulsory in game development, sex was still firmly off the table.

  • A Brief History of Gaming Sexual Failures part 2

    Previously we took a look at one of the most shameful artefacts in the gaming museum, an irresponsible dalliance that contributed to sexual scarring of the medium that is still healing decades later.

  • A Brief History of Gaming Sexual Failures part 1

    As in almost any creative endeavour the spectre of sex has lingered in the realm of video games since the very beginnings. It hasn’t exactly been a healthy relationship, however, and as the decades roll on its difficult to suggest that things have really improved that much.

  • Ten Most Anticipated Games of 2009

    Divining which upcoming games will be worthwhile is an almost impossible task, with the inexhaustible corporate hype machine able to conjure a rose-tinted view of even the most despicable piece of rubbish.

  • Writers Guild Nominate Top Games of 08; I Tell You Why They're Wrong

    Of all the self-aggrandising, bloated Hollywood award events of the season my favourite is the relatively humble Writers Guild of America Awards.

  • One Man Rock Band

    It's a thought that inevitably crosses any virtual rocker's mind as the night wanes and other band members begin to lose steam; who needs them, I could probably play all these instruments myself! Of course it's merely an overtired delusion of grandure for most of us; just holding drumsticks and a guitar is tricky enough. One enterprising gamer, however, has devised a way to become a one man Rock Band.

  • Guitar Hero vs. Rock Band

    Last week I detailed the ethereal magic of the current music game trend, this week I thought I'd get down to the more tangible issues; namely which of the two competing band simulators is the better.

  • How to be Cool

    Video games have been called a lot of things -- addictive, corrupting, stimulating, distracting -- but of all the allegations and accolades leveled at gaming culture cool has never been among them.

  • Season's Gaming

    This is my inaugural post as the gaming blogger for and it looks to be a rather inauspicious start; once through with the obligatory introductions I plan on disappearing into the holiday season until the New Year, as I'm sure many of you do. Even so, I thought it best to make some noise sooner rather than later, let you readers know where I would like this blog to go, and get down to some serious gaming talk.